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Beth Beighey

Panama City Beach, Florida, United States | SELF

Panama City Beach, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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Crazy Waiting
Already Broken
Salt Life
Motor City Gypsy
Life We Chose



In this exciting new world of music, there is a special place for artists like Beth Beighey. Growing up in MI, she fell in love with ALL genres that Detroit radio stations were blasting from her speakers. As musical talent runs deep in her family, she started singing on stage at the age of 5. From there, her passion for music exploded. She began reading music and playing her first instruments including the piano, & the flute in the elementary school band. Jr. High rolled along and Beth was excelling as she found her way with words writing poems. She was selected to be the Drum Major in the marching band, and earning solo's in the advanced choir. Beth loves giving credit to the amazing music teachers/professors that she claims molded her into the singer, writer, musician, and performer that she is today. (Michelle James, Tracy Turner, Judy Harrison, Rusty Garner & Rosie O’Bourke)

"I can remember being a kid sitting in our piano room and playing Jewel by ear for hours on end."

When looking back at her teenage years Beth said, "High school was a wonderful musical experience now that I look back. I was singing the National Anthem at EVERY sporting event for 4 years straight. I must’ve sung that song 1000 times, no joke! I loved my broadcasting and media classes. I started auditioning for Idol, and winning karaoke and radio contests. As I recall, my senior year I never had to audition for the talent show.” She chuckled.

After graduation, Beth found herself finding comfort in the driver’s seat between the yellow dotted lines on the pavement. It was time to discover what the world had to offer her outside of Detroit, MI. The next few years she moved quite a few times, studying in Orlando and then living just outside of NYC with a couple brief periods back in MI.

“It wasn’t until I moved to Panama City Beach that I found where I belong. In the South! And on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.”

During the first few years of her new beach life, Beth bartended to pay her way through college. She attended Gulf Coast State College with a dual major in Voice & Music Production. Luckily, her dedication, skill, and hard work earned her 3 years of academic & music scholarships. In 2007 she was pleased to receive the GCSC's Outstanding Vocal Performance Honors Award. With 2 years of private vocal training she was also studying everything from classical voice and piano to four semesters of music theory earning spots on the Deans list in 2007, 2008, and 2009. Beth stayed very active in college as a performer in the show choir and also stepped foot into musical theatre. Being one of the first students enrolled in GCSC's Music Production Technology program, Beth quickly became a leader as the Marketing Manager of the college’s brand new record label Boundless Sounds. She had a hand in designing its structure for the future classes to come as well as building the studio from the ground up. In this program she studied things like the business of music, audio and acoustics fundamentals, and logged many hours of studio time every week.

“I learned SO much during that time! That program turned a bunch of local musicians trying to learn the biz into a small family. We were getting new amazing equipment in every day! My favorite time was when packages would arrive. HUGE Mac computers! Amp after amp. Then, thousands of dollars in microphones! I would easily be convinced by the class to sing through them for the class to decipher the difference in sound. I was finally writing, recording, and producing but most important I was learning from my peers. I am so thankful for the education I have received and the wonderful experience that was!”

In 2008 a world famous honky-tonk by the name of Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge was built in none other than Panama City Beach, FL. Beth quickly settled in at Tootsie’s singing on the bar every night, bartending and managing. She did it with a smile. Beth specialized in getting the crowd amped up with her power house cover of “Here for the Party,” strutting the lengthy bar, a cordless mic in hand. This is where she started acquiring adoring fans who would beg her to sing the minute they entered the bar.

“Tootsie’s was an experience alright! More then I can ever express to anyone. It taught me about REAL country music. I made so many wonderful connections, couple bad ones too. But most important, it was my road to Nashville.”

After almost two years of strolling out of work at 5am, her time managing Tootsie’s ended and she was free to be the full time singer she had always dreamed of being.

“I think Detroit is where I developed the rock and R&B tone in my voice, and the south is definitely where my twang OVER developed!” She laughed. “I spent years stressed that I didn’t belong in some specific genre. Now I am able to embrace it and I love it. That’s the beauty of this new music industry and I’m proud to be a part of it!”

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