Beth Biderman

Beth Biderman


The Songs Of Beth Biderman (Volume 1) is a best selling album for her label. These songs express all aspects of a woman's life in our times: love gone wrong, love gone right, spiritual values, fun times, and what it is to be alive. These 9 songs take you on a journey you will never regret.


Beth Biderman has always been a songwriter. She grew up in the Chelsea Hotel in New York and also in Miami. Her mother was in the arts, working for many years at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The people she has met and known from living at the Chelsea Hotel include Clive Davis, Patti Smith, Janis Joplin, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Harry Smith (Grammy-winning musicologist), Leonard Cohen, Carlos Santana, Desmond Child, Country Joe and the "Fish", to name a few. Beth also met the "beat" poets, through her mother. These people included Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso. Their poetry has deeply influenced her and has informed some of her more folk-oriented songs with a political edge and coloring. Harry Smith, the legendary musicologist-filmaker-polymath was a good friend of the family and personally critiqued Beth's songs thereby helping her with her songwriting when she was a teenager. The many creative artists and performance groups of all varieties (Larry Rivers, Robert Mapplethorpe, Shirley Clarke, Roger Vadim, Claude Pelieu, the Living Theater, the Incredible String Band, Charles James, Berry Berensen, Virgil Thompson, Jefferson Airplane, Seymour Stern, and George Kleinsinger) who lived in the Chelsea Hotel had an influence on her that is inestimable. Beth has also worked in the publishing and film industries and has travelled on 3 continents, lived in the San Francisco streets, sold carnations on a ramp to I-95, worked for Florida State Unemployment, sold Encyclopedia Britannica door to door, worked on Wall Street, sunbathed in Portugal, stood where Buddha preached his first sermon, and played and sang in 4 bands. When young, her mother worked with Dr. Martin Luther King and she was exposed for many years to the the Civil Rights Movement. Beth met him as a little child and he has had a profound influence on her life and on her songs. A few of the companies Beth is signed with are: Pump Audio, Songs With Vision, Manifest Media, J2R Music, Acoustic Fuel, Crucial Music, MVD, Deadly Dreams Music, and Production Music Library.


Beth's new album is out right now, available in the US and Canada on Itunes, Amazon, Mtraks, Rhapsody, Napster, EMusic, and many other venues in Europe and Asia. Beth also has numerous publishing/licensing deals at the present time. She also has an international multi-song ringtones deal. Her songs will also be used in gaming, national advertising, on TV and in films, and in other media as well. Her songs have been played on college radio stations. She has won multiple awards and prizes: the John Lennon Contest two times, the Unisong twice, and the Billboard Contest once, with her songs being rated by Billboard Magazine as a "9 out of 10".