Beth Cayhall

Beth Cayhall

 Brentwood, Tennessee, USA

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Hand Me Downs

Written By: Beth Cayhall, Shanna Crooks, Trevor Rosen

Hand Me Downs

Verse 1
I remember, this old bible underneath the lamp of Mama’s end table
And this homemade book of recipes sittin’ on her countertop
She kept page corners folded to remind her.
Good thing, now I know where to find ‘em

Funny how ol’ worn out lessons
Can become your prized possessions

It’s the prayers, beliefs, the words of wisdom
It’s the classic hymns with our own renditions, and
Every holiday, we couldn’t wait to gather round
Yeah, those family traditions are the very best hand me downs

Verse 2

Used to love to flip through those black and white pictures from Mom and Dad’s wedding
Never thought I’d be saying I do wearing that same white dress
And that third generation diamond ring, can still have that old-school bling

Its amazing how tride and true,
Has a way of being shiney and new

(repeat chorus)


Whoa oh oh, Whoa oh oh

Yeah, they’re worn but never worn out

Whoa oh oh, Whoa oh oh

This is what its all about

(Repeat Chorus)