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"Beth Current embraces melodic maturity"

By Don Thrasher
If you’re not familiar with the name Beth Current be sure to make a note now because you’ll definitely be hearing more about this talented young singer from Frankfort, Ky.
The Beth Current Band, playing its last show of 2012 at The Attic in Kettering on Saturday, Dec. 29, created a small buzz with its 2011 debut EP, “Simple Things.” However, that was a mere teaser for her new EP, slated for release in early 2013.
“We spent two-and-a-half weeks this summer in Florida recording a brand new six-song EP,” she said. “We did it with a producer named Brett Hestla, who was the bassist for Creed. He really dug our music and got what we wanted to do with the music. We really connected with each other so we felt like he was our best bet.
“I couldn’t be happier with how the new recordings turned out,” Current continued. “We’ve had a few private listening parties for people and we got some good responses so far. We also got a couple of responses from some labels that are definitely digging this sound more than the other. It’s definitely more mature.”
While the sonic tonal shift was an organic musical evolution, Current admits increased focus on melody was by design.
“We saw the direction we wanted to go,” she said. “It needed to be a bit more mature and a bit more mass-appealing. We decided to try to come up with the stuff that not only we like, but that we thought the public would like as well.
“The first EP was definitely more alternative rock,” she continued. “The second EP is more of a pop-indie kind of thing. It’s catchier and the choruses are more sing-songy. It’s a lot more energetic and easier for people to follow. The tone of the whole EP is more fun.”
Current enjoys the short form nature of EPs.
“We tried to make every song like a single,” she said. “People are buying singles rather than albums so we felt like it will be more successful if we kept it a short amount. If we make sure each song is catchy and keep it under a certain time limit and present it as a single people will probably enjoy it more.
“We couldn’t be more excited about 2013,” Current added. “We’re really ready to get out there and have people see us. We want to meet new people, make some great connections and some new friends and just play music for people.”
- Dayton Daily News


Simple Things EP (2011
Senses (TBA)



"Beth Current flows from the bluegrass state." Hailing from Frankfort, Kentucky, Beth Current, is a pop alternative band consisting of: front woman and vocalist Beth Current, guitarist and supporting vocalist Josh Sudduth, guitarist and supporting vocalist Dylan Flannery, bassist Bobby Oakley and drummer Justin Wall. Formerly Beth Current, the group has gone through many transformations before becoming the line-up and sound they are today.

Originally a solo artist in Los Angeles, Beth has been seen firsthand the changes to her music, and happily states "I feel our new sound is a reflection of us. It's morphed into better music, and I feel we identify with it more than anything now instead of just performing it. Beth contacted Josh Sudduth, a known local producer and musician, and began writing with him in the early months of 2011 creating a unique pop rock sound. Together they went to Alabama and recorded 3 songs with Jason Elgin (Terrible Things, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Underoath, ect.) and self recording the remaining tracks that would become the band's spiritual first E.P. titled “Simple Things”. Afterwards Beth Current acquired Dylan Flannery and began performing the E.P. regionally to finish out the rest of 2011. In early 2012 Beth Current began working with B.G. Simpson who acted as a creative mentor and director, helping the band “find their image” so to speak. When they performed at the Florida Music Festival in early 2012 Beth Current met Brett Hestla, frontman of Dark New Day and Virgos Merlot and owner/producer/head engineer of Hestla Studios (Framing Hanley, Transmit Now, Faktion, Tantric). This relationship would come to fruition with the birth of the new sound on the sophomore album (or should I say premier album?) of Beth Current, entitled “Senses”. In late 2012, Bobby Oakley, former guitarist/vocalist of the band "Gwen Stacy" (Solid State Records/ Ferret Records)
, and Justin Wall, former drummer of the band "Oh The Blood" (Standby Records) would join the line up as the rhythm section to complete the band and perform these new tracks.

Beth Current, at this moment, is preparing for the release of “Senses”. Which is equipped with tracks like Tonight and Always a very “Indie Rock” inspired song, to the modern pop punk title track “Senses”, and even the fan favorite, Frantic. So, one might ask, “What does the future hold for Beth Current?” Hopefully only promising things as the new ingredients begin solidifying this fresh noise they are producing in the heart of Kentucky. With a lot of buzz from their last E.P, and the release of this new project, one might say that there is no stopping Beth Current on their course through the American music scene.