Bethel Steele

Bethel Steele

 Mattapan, Massachusetts, USA

With vocals reminiscint of a smoky drawl, raw guitar playing and lyrics that are real and heartfelt, you can't help but feel what's being sung.


Bethel Steele, originally from Homer, New York, has been writing music since she was 14. A graduate of Syracuse Universitys Biology program, Bethel has now chosen to bring her gift and insight for music to the masses. She has been performing sporadically as an acoustic singer-songwriter for the last 3 years, since she was 18, but not until recently has she began to perform regularly across New York State. The ever-consummate artist, Bethel also enjoys exploring her artistry through painting and photography, which can be seen as the art accompanying her recent album, Beautiful Woman. The self-released album explores the many nooks of love, from finding it to losing it. Performing at various venues, Bethel has been showcased as a solo artist, as an opening act for various bands local to the Syracuse music scene and for some nationally touring solo artists. Bethel is currently performing around the Hudson Valley and Central New York. Bethel is looking to go into the studio early this summer to record some of her new music in a more professional atmosphere (her first CD, "Beautiful Woman," was recorded in her living room) with the intent for it to be released in the late Summer or early Fall.


2006: 'Beautiful Woman' an 8-track release (Treasure, Beautiful Woman, Without You, Hundred Year Flood, Time, Unfamiliar Face, Our Love, Sun Goes Down). Available on CDBaby, iTunes and from many other digital distributors.

Set List

Up to two sets, 2 hours total. Preferably 1 set of 1-1.5 hours or 2 sets of 45min-1hour.

If 1 hour or less, 95% originals, 5% covers.

Shows that are 2 hours, 60% originals, 40% covers, dependent on venue.

Original Songs:
Christmas Day
Fighting Words
Beautiful Woman
Our Love
Without You
Hundred Year Flood
Thinkin' of You
Something on my Mind
I Feel Everything
Little Black Book
What Happened to Love
Lightning Bully
If I Could
Foolish Love
Run (Stand by You)
Little Black Book
Summer Days
The Standard
Unfamiliar Face

Artists covered:
Melissa Ferrick, Chris Pureka, Dar Williams, Ani Difranco, Indigo Girls, Tegan & Sara