Beth Hamilton

Beth Hamilton


I am a lyrical, melodic, honest songwriter and fiddle player. I write songs about real-life people and real events, and I sing them with a clear, ringing, captivating, voice. I learned a lot from Joni Mitchell. People often remind me that I am short.


Beth is known for her melodic song writing and for her clear, powerful voice. At five feet tall, she takes the stage with humour and grace. People often exclaim: “Wow. You are so honest and brave,” “You sound like Joni Mitchell,” and, once, “You are just so small.”

Beth studied music at university, earning both a Bachelor of Music (studying with world renowned violinist Oleg Pokhanovski, University of Manitoba, 2008) and Master of Arts in music (University of Ottawa, 2011). Currently, Beth performs as a singer-songwriter, and as a violinist and fiddler with various artists; she also teaches fiddling, violin and music theory in Winnipeg. In this year dedicated to artistic pursuits, she is recording her second album.


A Beautiful Scene, an album of original songs. Released in 2009.

Set List

- Tiger Mountain Peasant Song- The Fleet Foxes
- Conversation - Joni Mitchell
- A Case of You - Joni Mitchell
- Circle Game - Joni Mitchell
- Uniform Grey - Sarah Harmer
- Every Time - Sarah Harmer
- I Am Aglow - Sarah Harmer
- Wedding Song - Sarah Harmer
- Open Window - Sarah Harmer
- Borrowed Mini Vans - Julie Doiron
- Tailor - Julie Doiron
- Swan Pond - Julie Doiron
- Dirty Feet - Julie Doiron
- Glad To Be Alive - Julie Doiron
- Nice to Come Home - Julie Doiron
- Orphan Girl - Traditional
- Fly Away - Traditional
- Now Be Thankful - Fairport Convention
- Pretty Ways - First Aid Kit
- Hard Believer - First Aid Kit
- Cheapest Key - Kathleen Edwards
- I Make the Dough, You Get the Glory - Kathleen Edwards
- You Won't Find Me - Amelia Curran
- Go Away from my Window - Bob Dylan
- Forever Young - Bob Dylan
- Ain't No Use - Bob Dylan
- Song for a Winter's Night - Gordon Lightfoot
- Don't You Fall - The Be Good Tanyas
- Rain and Snow - The Be Good Tanyas
- With