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The Best Things are Easy

Written By: Beth Hirsch

The best things are easy
Like birthdays and Fridays
And paydays
The May days of weekends

The beaches and oceans
With screeches of seagulls
In motion
The surfers who light up
The board

When a stranger
Has painted your picture
And the portrait’s
Good as you

Now behold
The magic in a day
The magic in a day
There’s magic in a day

The best things are easy
Like being ahead of the traffic
The package that’s perfect
To send

The laughter just after
A fight with your partner
Or lover
Discovering Mother’s
A friend

You remember
When every struggle
Could endanger
Every dream

Now behold
What light can wash away
What light can wash away.....

The best things are easy
Like naptime and bathtime
And bedtime
The cuddle, the huddle
The love, mmmmm.......

A story or fable
To teach us again why we’re able
The message embracing us all

The best things are easy
The best things are easy
The best things are easy

How Far You'll Go

Written By: Beth Hirsch

When you’ve been around
Like I‘ve been around
You tend to see
Things differently
When you’ve been down
Like I’ve been down
You start again
More carefully

It’s all right there before you
The sages simply state it
We’re the ones who go and
Complicate it

When you’re all alone
Like I was alone
You face the truth
Within yourself

And when you’re on your own
I was on my own
You get it’s you and
No one else

Who knows how to define you
And lets your heart refine you
With shadows to remind you
Of how far you’ve come

And how far you’ll go....

When you lost love like
I lost love
You learn to treat it

So when you found love like
I found love
You hold it close
And graciously

Cause Someone’s there beside you
Spreading light around you
With shadows to remind you
How far you’ve come (2x)

And how far you’ll go....

Life is Short But Wide

Written By: Beth Hirsch

Life is Short but Wide

Suit 1:

The first suit’s won his bid to buy
The deal’s begun as soldiers leave our side
“So, let planes fly”, he said, “while contracts knot my tie.
But far enough away I’ll sleep the night.
The wanderlust, my company’s dust has blazed a trail designed to make you trust.
For ‘Glory Days’ Enterprise must fight !
‘Cause life is short but baby
Life is Wide, Life is Wide (oh yeah)
Life is Wide.
What a day... What a night....”

Suit 2:

The suit’s been pressed in shiny dressing
The microphones accompany his stride
The question’s flung, “Can’t war be overcome?”
The shiny suit replies, “How I have tried.
I’ve done my best. My God is your
I’ve been there, too. We have the proof for you.
But ‘Safer Days’ mean that some may die.
It pains my heart to tell you, ‘Life is Short and Life is Wide. But Life is Wide.’
What a day.... What a night....”


“Dear Mom & Dad”, the soldier writes, “You need to hear from me about tonight.
They trained my will so many ways to kill. It still felt weird though hearing, “It’s allright.”
I miss you guys. I missed you this Christmas. We got the games and passed them ‘round at night.
But Hope has died just as I have died.
I learned today that life is short but wide.”
But wide....
What a soul.... What a life....