Beth In Battle Mode

Beth In Battle Mode

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Sound sort of like Them, the 60's R&B band, but really sound more like Them!, the 50's movie about the giant ants that destroy everything.


They sound as large as the latest indie supergroup, but they’re a lean three-man operation. They inspire dancing as much as any laptop duo, but with an energetic live show. They rock loud and raw, but with one guitar, drums and keyboards. They’ve inspired comparisons ranging from The Black Keys to Loverboy and back again, but isn’t it enough to say Beth In Battle Mode are infectious, unpretentious and just plain fun?


The album "Hot Science" (as well the debut album "Technical Know-How") are available for digital download at, as well as on iTunes worldwide, and at independent record stores in Toronto.

Set List

A typical set list would be:

I Want You (Outta Here)
The Sounds Of The Internet
Everyone Is In A Band
Hot Science
You Found A Cause
A Little-Known Fact
No Feeling
Silver Tongue