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Beautiful or Not

Written By: Beth Matheson

Speak words of truth to me
Talk only of what's real
The fire in my bones
And the wounds that will not heal
The longer that I live
The wearier I grow
Of letting pretty things
Be the only things that show

Speak words of life to me
Cut me to the core
Find the secrets hidden there
Pierce the soul and let it pour
The farther that I run
The harder You pursue
Until I find myself
Running back to You

I don't have to be beautiful
I don't even have to be good for You to love me
What I have is all You want
Here I am -- beautiful or not

Come and whisper in my ear
Let the truth come flooding in
Filter deep into my bones
Take away my breath again
Lay my head on Your chest
Listen to the rhythm of Your love
'Til I finally believe
I'm the one You're thinking of