Beth McDonald

Beth McDonald


The elegance and sophistication of another time, a connection to the music of yesterday and to a select number of contemporary artists, and an honest, pure approach to delivering the melody and message of a song.


Beth is a stay-at-home mom who has been a songwriter her entire life but never dreamed she'd be singing in public by herself, let alone sharing her original material with an audience. She has been praised for writing material that reaches the hearts of her listeners, and for combining simple yet beautiful melodies with lyrics that express emotions that are universal in the human experience. When not focusing her time on her two young boys, this "sultry songstress" (being given that title makes her laugh, especially as she goes about her daily mom chores!) performs at jazz festivals, historic theatres, country clubs and elegant hotels. Her influences include Diana Krall, Peggy Lee, Billy Joel, Michael Buble, Steve Tyrell and Eva Cassidy.


Dancing with Wonder

Written By: Beth McDonald

You'll never guess how much I love you
It makes no sense to even try
'cause that would be like trying to hold a rainbow
or chasing the snow right from the sky
When you can capture the bubbles you blow without one breaking
reach the invisible castle on the hill
spend an afternoon with a mermaid who likes baking
take a unicorn ride across a windowsill
then maybe you'll know, maybe you'll see
but up until then all that matters to me
is watching the world through your little eyes
dancing with wonder, filled with surprise
See the popsicles melting off the rooftops
jellybeans line the riverbed for miles
pretzels giving hugs out on the sidewalk
I'd dream up anything to make you smile
so maybe you'll know, maybe you'll see
but up until then all that matters to me
is watching the world through your little eyes
dancing with wonder, filled with surprise

It Would Be So Easy

Written By: Beth McDonald

It would be so easy to fall in love with you
It would be so easy to hear you love me too
to fall for your charms, get lost in your arms
It would be so easy to do
I've caught you looking my way as I've passed you by
Shame I haven't noticed your beautiful eyes
I'm on my own, and happy alone
but let's just say you've crossed my mind

Good thing I have hold of my heart so tight
Good thing I don't crave your touch
Glad that I don't dream about you at night
I don't even think of you much

Everyone around says I should open up my eyes
so I finally look around me, and much to my surprise
I'm head over heels in love so real
I gave my heart before I knew

and it was so easy to do
It was oh so easy to do

Second Guessing

Written By: Beth McDonald

Without you here, I am free again
Without you, I can be me again
but I'm second guessing everything
as I stare at my wedding ring
Are we doing what is right
It's not clear to me, and I'm alone again tonight

If we give this yet another try, won't we be fooling ourselves, living a lie
Now we're wondering whose fault it is
Who'd have ever guessed we'd come to this
I don't want to place blame
You say we're different now, but were we ever the same

I loved you once, of that I'm sure
and love's supposed to be worth fighting for
but I don't have it in me
and I'm not sure that you could win me
I guess only time will tell
if I want you to hold me
or I just need to be held


Written By: Beth McDonald

Draw me near and hold me tight
Tell me everything will be all right
It will be all right
Well I don't know if that is true
but somehow when I look at you
it seems possible, because I find
in those eyes, I'm home
I'm home

If I'm dreaming, let me sleep
'cause you're the only thing that means
anything to me
Take my heart, it was never mine
It belonged to you before time
and in your arms, time stands still
It always will
'cause there, I'm home
I'm home

I have always been the one in charge
yet I become helpless in your arms
The feeling that I am finally right where I belong
I never knew
'til there was you

You're the one I waited for
Everything that I adore
I have found in you
Your love gives me what I need
peace and hope, security
and I want to be that for you
'til time is through
to be your home
I'll be your home

No matter where we go,
we're home

Moon Song

Written By: Beth McDonald

Moon way up high, lighting the sky
Won't you come home with me
And if you will, linger until
I've fallen fast asleep
Stay by my window so I know you're there
Don't let my dreams find me with you unaware
Silvery moon, light up my room
and I'll sleep in peace tonight


Written By: Beth McDonald

I lie in my bed,
and thoughts of you fill my head
I'm certain I'd placed those behind me
But night after night,
there you are, when I close my eyes
I need someone to remind me
There'll be no looking back
and no reminiscing
There is no time to waste
on waiting and wishing
And so you're haunting me
Who said I'd want to be
haunted by someone like you
I toss and I turn
and I wonder about you
hoping one day I'll learn
to function without you
And then, you're close to me
where you're supposed to be
No - it cannot be true
May I please request
that I be left
alone, with my broken heart
Don't keep me awake
for old times' sake
Just who do you think you are
Get out of my dreams
I wish you'd desert me
for to me it seems
that you have hurt me
enough to last my whole life through
As the cow jumps over the moon
I count sheep
but I just can't sleep
'til I'm over you

Take It From Me

Written By: Beth McDonald

I don't always know what I'm talking about
I don't understand what I feel until
these words come stumbling tumbling out
and it's too late
to shield my pride
It only takes a look in your eyes
Take it from me
Don't you think I ought to know
Don't you remember
I'm the one who told you
over and over and over again
You're wasting your time
Please let me be
Here is my heart, take it from me
(You see what I mean?)
Are you wearing me down
Are you wearing me thin
or is it just the mood I'm in (2x)
Keep wearing me down
Keep wearing me thin
I like this mood I'm in


Only Forever (2006), At Last: Love Songs & Lullabies (2008), Home (2008), Take It From Me (2010)

Set List

We perform for approximately 50 minutes at a time and then break for about 15 minutes. Our sets include music mostly from the 1930's and 1940's from artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Peggy Lee, Rosemary Clooney, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Count Basie. During concerts, such as the tribute show we do in honor of Miss Peggy Lee, we feature standards as well as Beth's original material, and we break for one intermission.