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My music is its own genre. I have written in so many different styles that you can't really describe it as just one thing. R&B, folk and rock have all contributed to my unique sound, and with a classical background, I am able to adapt my music to any form. My music is me.


Beth Reynolds - Beth Reynolds has worn many hats in her 40+ year career in music, including being a successful live performer, session vocalist on many commercially released albums, TV, radio and film music, commercials and industrial videos, producer, engineer, manager, vocal coach and manager of music businesses. She currently has a long list of vocal students and performs regularly with her two bands, as well as manages Sunnbolt Music in Novato, where she coordinates and does publicity for their now very popular and high-profile event, Friday Night Jam. Beth has performed with such talents as Huey Lewis and the News, Kingfish, Davey Pattison ( lead singer for Montrose and Robin Trower), Wayne Perkins (legendary Muscle Shoals guitarist),Van Morrison, Shana Morrison, even the legendary Donny Hathaway as a 14-year old high school student. She has had extensive classical training in violin, classical guitar, piano and voice, performed oratorio and opera as early as her high school years, as well as performed extensively as an orchestral violinist and has written and collaborated with many songwriters on published songs, jingles, and other styles of music.


Moonlight in a Jar

Written By: Beth Reynolds

It was more than 20 years ago
Though it doesn't seem that far
When you and Phil biked up the hill
and I met you with your car
We sat and gazed up at the moon
And counted every star
And now I wish I'd kept that night
And caught the moonlight in a jar

Life seems so hard sometimes
That I'd like to put it down
I'd like to pack my bags
Take a train right out of town

Then I think of friends I know
What they're going through right now
The heartaches that they're dealing with
Gives me my stength, somehow
And trouble doesn't have the power
To leave me with a scar
When I recall the magic of
That moonlight in a jar


Sometimes when I think of then
And what I've done so far
When happiness seems like a song
Not in my repertoire
Then I think of when we sat
Wishing on that evening star
And I know I've got to learn to make
My own moonlight in a jar



Heartsfield, "Foolish Pleasures", Huey Lewis and American Express, "Exodisco", Barry Flast and Trouble, EMI America, David Kessner Songs at , many other recording credits listed above.

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Moonlight in a Jar
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What's Right For Me
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