Betrayed By Weakness

Betrayed By Weakness

 Portland, Oregon, USA


Betrayed By Weakness is an unrelenting four piece metal outfit hailing from Portland, Oregon. Born to destroy on August of 2009. Since then they have been breaking there way into the local metal scene with there old school thrash base, ripping guitar solo's, thunderous drumming, deep growling bass, and violent passionate vocal's. Setting out to make there mark, the power of this project is unsurpassable, Winning the hearts and minds of there ever growing fanbase.

With influences such as Pantera, Machine Head, Diecast, Acid bath, Slayer, American Head Charge, The Haunted, Lamb of God, Dimmu Borgir, Skinlab, and there love and devotion to metal and all things rocked and fuckin rolled!

Spawned from past bands such as Red Tide, Indelible Terror, And Shadowed Intent. Betrayed By Weakness have come together, collaberating various musical talents to create a project that is evolving into a well sharpened blade of metal mastery. Do YOU have what it takes to be a part of the Betrayed By Weakness Army !?!


Betrayed By Weakness - Rough Mix Demo EP (Apr. 2010)
1. The One
2. Uncaged
3. Malicious Obedience
4. The Betrayal

Currently streaming on Grit Internet Radio, Myspace, Facebook, & iLike.

Set List

Malicious Obedience
The One
The Betrayal
Poison Mind