Betray the Dreamer

Betray the Dreamer

 Arlington, Texas, USA



Betray the Dreamer clawed its way from the putrid womb that is the DFW music scene in July 2011 to bring a much needed depth to hard rock. Michael Garcia and Coady Mars pooled their experience and wizardry of jaw dropping riffs and soak-your-panties vocals from their previous work with Waking Alice, whereupon they were nominated for best hard rock act by the Fort Worth Weekly. The addition of Caveman on guitar and Michael Ward on drums forged a new sound that is hard to match in North Texas, creating an unstoppable juggernaut that is Betray the Dreamer.

July 4th marked not only the birth of a nation, but also marked the maiden voyage for BTD, and in keeping with the tradition of our fore fathers Betray the Dreamer kicked ass and took names.

Set List

Don't Turn Away 5:10
321 12:58
Chasing Memories 3:49
Shaping 5:33
New Beginnings 5:56
Transmissions 3:09