Betsy Franck

Betsy Franck

 Athens, Georgia, USA

Betsy Franck is an Athens, GA musician whose music artfully blends Americana, blues and rock with her sultry vocals. She performs lyrically enchanting solo sets along with an occasional fiddle or dobro player, while full band shows exude the more soulful rock side of Franck's music.


Originally from Martinsville, Va., Betsy Franck has become a mainstay in the world famous Athens, GA music scene. She's played and recorded with some of Athens' finest, and has a devoted fan-base. Franck performs with Randall Bramblett and was featured on his last two albums, she's also performed with John Popper (Blues Traveler), Bobby Keys (Rolling Stones), Bloodkin, Ike Stubblefield, Grant Green Jr., John Keane, David Blackmon, and played support for for Bonnie Raitt, Lucinda Williams, Justin Townes Earle, Billy Joe Shaver, Loretta Lynn, Shooter Jennings, Jerry Joseph, and Leon Russell.

Franck has been singing since she could speak. She spent hours of her childhood rewriting old songs on the piano from her mother's guitar chord songbook. She couldn't read music then, so she followed her ear, which has proven to be a strong lead. Franck played covers in and around Charleston, SC seven nights a week for tourists passing through, before moving to Asheville, NC to integrate herself into some very diverse musical groups, all the while writing songs and still trying to find her voice. She eventually had great success in the mountain town, before moving to Athens, Ga to pursue her music in what she says is one of the most collaborative and supportive music scenes around.

The band's 2003 album was recorded at John Keane's (REM, Indigo Girls, Widespread Panic) studio and ended up a honky tonking seven song EP, "Held Up By Progress." The album "Still Waiting" was released March 2010 and is filled with everything from Gospel/jazz songs like "Bird", to Country on "City of Gold," with pedal steel riffs, to straight up funk in "Too Much Trouble". Both albums have received critical acclaim:

Flagpole Magazine said, "“The harmonies created by the blend of Franck’s soulful blues vocals and the band’s high country style fulfills their glorious potential...”2009

Jeff Clark from Stomp and Stammer says: "Betsy Franck and the Bareknuckle Band do a playful, soulful style of Southern roots music, steeped in the ingrained sounds of Memphis, Muscle Shoals, Macon, Nashville, New Orleans and other historically musically-rich regional locales. Impressively, Franck and crew manage to blend it all together in seamless fashion on their new CD, Still Waiting. She has a terrific voice, bleeding humid weariness and sultry determination at once, and the tunes match it note for organic note. Definitely a group to watch.
Flagpole Magazine calls Franck's voice, "straight out of the Aretha Franklin School for Blues Divas," and adds, "surely Franck is someone that the music industry and the listening public should take into their hearts, minds and homes.”2010

The 11th Hour Magazine says, "Betsy Franck's gospel-strong and siren-sweet voice will carry you safely over the personal turmoil that you'd normally approach like a patch of jagged asphalt. But beware: she can be as brutal as a bad stretch down a mountainside too. The Bare Knuckle Band is alt-country razorwire. Together, they're as likely to save your soul as help you lose it over a game of pool with a dude named El Diablo."2011

Franck has touring to back up the 2012 Release of "This Far" her first solo effort. This band enlists the acoustic sounds of stand up bass, dobro, fiddles, and acoustic guitars. And she is now in the process of recording the next album due out in Spring of 2015.

Whether with a band, or doing one of her solo sets, this artist embodies empassioned performance at its best and is not to be missed!


City of Gold

Written By: Betsy Franck

If I forgive you for all the things that I've done
While everyone was workin I was out havin fun
there's got to be more to life than just growin old
And I'm to tired to keep on buildin up your
Lowdown City of Gold
All I can see is it ain't really me anymore

Tell me bout the lies you've told
Is your conviction really really that bold,
Can I try to find some way to lose control
Are all your secrets hidden, by what has been forbidden
Do you feel that you have nothing left

And is it worth the price you pay for selling your soul
To live in your God forsaken city of Gold

Well I know that i have been here before Cause I remember feeling the same....walkin down that same dirt road...knowin it's not life
that supposed to change

If I forgive you for all the things that you've done
While I was lookin for contentment you were headin straight for the sun
There's Got to be more to life than just growin old, and i'm too tired to keep on building up your
Well I'm too tired to keep on, Well I'm just too tired to keep on
Well I'm too damn tired to keep on keepin on.....

Can't Remember

Written By: Betsy Franck

I've been driving down this old dirt road
And I can't remember my dreams
Running scared from life for oh so long
And I still don't know what it means

My body's become a machine
Cloudy eyes and callused hands
The world that was once new to me
Faded with time and turned into sand

I don't believe anymore
No I don't believe anymore
Find it hard to believe anymore

Forty years of life filled up with words of love lost or something thats gone
Ashamed of the cold routine of love
Doing right and saying when you're wrong

The hard work don't matter
Time hasn't been kind
And there's still a hole left to fill
Make sense everyday of what's left of my mind
All that's there is my free will

Change is indifferent
I don't see the point
Of changin who I've come to be
I can't stop what's coming but I just cant' start
To see who I'm supposed to be

My body's become a machine
CLoudy eyes and callused hands
The world that was once new to me
Faded with time and turned into sand

I don't believe anymore
No I don't believe anymore
Find it hard to believe anymore
no I don't believe anymore
I don't believe anymore
Find it hard to believe anymore

Well I'm driving down this old dirt road
And I can't remember my dreams.............


Sweeping up the Porch 2002
Held Up By Progress 2003
Still Waiting 2010
This Far 2012

Set List

Three 1 hour sets of mostly original, some obscure covers
Set list includes:

Halogen Mystery
City of Gold
Vine Ripe
Back Bone
Too Much Trouble
Cold Coffee
Corner to Cry
Only a Man
Do right Woman (Aretha Franklin)
Bird on my Window
Best of Me
YOu're Gone
All the Kings

Salton Skin
This Far
Lost on the Road
Agua de Hombre Negro
Build to Suit
Love me Like a Man (Bonnie Raitt)
Wet Hands
Rather Go Blind (Etta James)
I gotta Woman ( Ray Charles)
Here We Go Again (Ray Charles)
That's All
Improv Blues jam
Cortez ( Neil Young)
Key to the Highway (Big Bill Broonzy)
Bring it On Home (Sam Cooke)
Broken GLass
Is It Sane

Been Down
Fallen Behind
Can't Remember
This Far
Corner to Cry