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Betsy Lane

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Country Singer/Songwriter




"Showcase: Betsy Lane, Mallary Hope, & The Civil Wars"

"..Nashville Nights is a love letter to Music City and Country life." - The Swift Agency

"Nashville's Hidden Gem"

"...She is such a talented singer/songwriter; a hidden gem." - Taylor Zeigler

"Review Corner: Betsy Lane's 10 Months Ago"

"...I took a listen to the Nashville native’s EP 10 Months Ago on iTunes and the truth is I was hooked from the first notes. Betsy has an amazing voice and the lyrics and the music are superb quality." - The Swift Agency

"Betsy Lane has some "Southern Crazy" to share!"

Betsy Lane is a name you may or may not know, but soon enough she will be someone you know for her brilliant music. From her mature, emotion filled voice to lyrics that are along with Taylor Swift on feelings, boys, girl power, and more; she has a bright future ahead of her. She recently released her EP, “Southern Crazy” and it landed at #21 on the charts in the UK, which brought her to England to share her music live with some fans, in what she called the Garden Tour. Already, Betsy is achieving a ton, and is for sure on the road to even more success. I was able to talk to Betsy recently where she answered some questions about her life in Nashville, her EP, the tour, songwriting, and more. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I loved it! She is the sweetest, and it really shows in her music and even more when she just talks about her passions in music and life. It is so fun to see someone young going forth with their dreams and doing so, so well!

Hi beautiful! We of course know you are an amazing singer, musician, and songwriter. What are you studying in school? I’m a songwriting major, isn’t that crazy? I didn’t even know that was an option until my mom came home one day and was like “BETSY! You need to apply to this program!” so I did, and I ended up getting in, which was super cool because it’s a pretty competitive program. So now I’m a songwriting major with a creative writing minor, just loving life.

Is there anything you ever imagined yourself doing besides music? Music has always been a part of my life but it wasn’t until I was about 14 that I knew I wanted to pursue it. For a while, I wanted to go on to play Sports in College and then continue with that as a career, or be a teacher but I met one of my closest friends, Isabella in high school and she wrote songs too, so I finally realized that I wasn’t alone in what I was doing, and we encouraged each other a lot in that respect. We had a composition notebook that we would pass to each other in between classes filled with notes and lyrics and just fun friend things. She definitely helped me realize that it was okay to be myself and want to follow this dream of mine.

Before you released an EP, you did different covers? Do you have a favorite that you have done? I don’t really have a favorite, to be honest. I really liked covering “I Heard Goodbye” by Dan + Shay just because that song is magical. Some people even told me that they listen to them because of that cover that I did, which I think is so cool, like for me to have a hand in what music people are listening to is crazy to me.

You just released an EP, Southern Crazy, which is so great. How did you choose what songs you would release on it? I assume you have tons that you have written on top of these. OH MY, choosing songs is a process. There was talk about making this a full album because I couldn’t narrow the songs down, and it was pretty stressful at some times. It’s always a lot harder than it needs to be just because when I’m picking songs, I want to pick ones that best represent me and who I am at this time in my life. I think that’s one of the coolest things about an EP though – it kind of serves as a snapshot or freeze frame for the past two or so years since the last project I released. These six particular songs are super close to my heart and what I’ve been through in the last 18 months. I asked the fans for help on choosing the final track between “Drunk Because of You” & “What About 18” because my dad & I really wanted it to be a five track EP, but the votes were so split that I just threw both of them on there and surprised everyone! Really it all came down to what would make the consumers [fans] happy because they’re the reason that I get to do this.

Do you have a favorite off the EP? I don’t really like choosing favorites, but “What About 18” is definitely the one that is the most personal to me. It was a few weeks before I turned 20 and I was at home with my family for Christmas break and I just started freaking out like “where did the time go?” “HOW AM I ALMOST 20?!” “There’s no way I’m ready for my 20’s” so I picked up my dads guitar and sat in my window seat and wrote that song in about an hour. It’s a pretty nostalgic song, and even though I wrote it at 19.

As a songwriter, I am sure you look up to many songwriters? Are there any in particular? Nicolle Galyon is definitely a big one. Natalie Hemby, Maren Morris, Hillary Lindsey, Kelsea Ballerini. I just really love it all. GIRL POWER, ya know? Oh also, Steve Moakler is RAD.

What about songs? Any songs you wish you would have written? There are a TON, but I’ll try to pick a few off the top of my head. The song Golden by Lady Antebellum. They wrote the song with Eric Paslay and every time I hear it I just want to cry it’s so beautiful. Also “Mean to Me” & “One Mississippi” by Brett Eldredge. Brett wrote on both, Scooter Carusoe helped with MTM and Tom Douglas co-wrote One Mississippi. One more! Automatic by Miranda, Nicolle Galyon, & Natalie Hemby. THAT SONG IS PHENOMINAL and it’s breaking records left and right, so again.. GIRL POWER.

Now lets talk about your awesome trip you took this summer. I absolutely loved the whole idea of The Garden Party in London, how was that? ohhhh you’re gonna make me cry! I miss The Garden Party Tour so much, it’s almost pathetic. When I released Southern Crazy it hit 21 in the UK on their country charts, which is still insane, so heading over to England on the heels of that excitement made the trip that much better. It was an incredible experience to be able to hop across the pond and play my songs for girls who knew every single word. I got to tell them stories and just hang out with them in another country and even just thinking about it makes me so giddy. I want to go back so badly.

How did you get your music to people all the way over there? Honestly, I think it was a mix of things. I had met two girls named Stephanie & Jenni through mutual friends in Nashville and they’re from the UK. When I released my first EP “10 Months Ago” they got a hold of it and posted it on Instagram, Facebook, twitter, etc. and it basically just blew up over there. I think I had like 250 followers on twitter when I released it and after the first week I had around 1300, and I know that’s not a big deal to some people, but it was just really surreal that people half way across the world got a hold of my EP and loved it.

I also saw that you were a part of Ainsley Britain’s “Unveiled” campaign? A song you wrote was actually on the latest video! How did that come about and why did you want to be a part of it? Yes! My sister, Sarah Kate has been a huge part of Unveiled. She shared her testimony and her video is actually one of the most viewed in the campaign. Strangers were reaching out to her and telling her that she saved their life. I saw how much of an impact my sister made and I wanted to get involved, so I did what I could and wrote a song for her. Sarah recorded it on a voice memo and sent it to Ainsley that night and she said that she was crying! I felt so bad because I didn’t really know Ainsley at the time and I was like OH NO! Then they immediately wanted to do something with the song, and it’s about to become a bigger part of the campaign. I’m really excited for it. Like, REALLY.

Will that song be released at any point? Yes, it will be! I’m not sure when, but I will definitely post about it on social media when I know. I’m excited to be a part of the campaign.

Now let’s have some fun talk! Have you always lived in Nashville? I have, yes. It’s kind of crazy because no one thinks that I’m telling the truth when I say that because every musician moves to Nashville, and then says that they’re from here. I’m the 5th generation of my family to live in this town so it’s about time we had a musician in the fam, right? I grew up near the blue-bird and downtown so it’s really cool to see the city grow wings and start to become this huge destination spot.

What is your favorite thing to do? Just.. in general? BAKE. Baking is like a stress reliever for me, to be honest. Baking & Crafting. I’ll paint when I’m stressed. Also sleeping, can that be a thing? I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep lately so the days that I get to just sit in bed all day and work from there are the nicest.

Any favorite places to go for those who are visiting Nashville? Jeni’s ice cream on 12th South. Taco Mamacita in Edgehill. Try to get into the Bluebird, but it might be hard so book reservations early. This city is so full of life and there’s really no wrong answer.

What is next for you? Any goals you are working to achieve? Lord, what’s ISN’T next for me? haha. Everything feels like a whirlwind of opportunities, and things I get to do and it’s so incredible. I’m always focused on the next move, not the next ten. Right now, I want to graduate from Belmont and get my degree. I’m constantly writing and working on bettering myself as a musician, but also as a whole. I wouldn’t mind having a publishing deal (ha, who wouldn’t) but I don’t need one to do what I love. The whole independent artist thing is working out pretty great for me right now, so it’s really nice. Long term goals: If it’s in store for me, I would like to be a major label artist and maybe win a CMA award so I can happy cry on national television in front of all my musical idols in the audience. hahaha! Ultimately, I’m just doing what I want to do and love, and making myself happy. Right now, the focus is making music, but who knows what it’ll be five years down the road?

Thank you so much for talking to me! I absolutely love your EP, and I am so excited to see what happens next for you! Thank You so much! Your support means more than you know. I love watching my little family grow and I welcome you home with open arms :)

Flash Round:

Favorite Junk Food: Chex Mix or Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Favorite place to eat: Chipotle

Favorite song on the radio right now: Leave The Night On by Sam Hunt

Dream Duet Partner: Sam Hunt or Steve Moakler or if it can be a girl then definitely tswift.

Favorite Movie: Hairspray or “The Other Woman”

Favorite TV Show: I don’t really watch TV, but if I had to choose Modern Family or The Office (I cried at the last episode, don’t judge)

The best smell is…. fresh baked cookies, or sunflowers

Best advice you have been given: My dad and I have this saying “We’re just watering bamboo” and if you know anything about bamboo, you know that you have to water it for 2 years with no results, before it shoots up 10-12 feet in a matter of weeks. So, just water bamboo. - The Southern Girl Press

"Country Music Showcase: Betsy Lane"

As she gets ready to take the stage for the Country Music Showcase, Nashville native Betsy Lane credits her father’s musical talent as the initial inspiration behind her own passion for music.
“My dad was super musical and I grew up around his constant creativity,” said Lane. “When he would be putting us to bed, he would make up songs about putting us in our pajamas and I think that’s how I ended up writing songs.”
Lane categorizes her writing style as “singer-songwriter with country roots,” and her sound is influenced by the music of Shania Twain, Martina McBride and Kacey Musgraves.
What is most personally important to Lane about the genre of country music is its storytelling aspect. Through honest lyrics and melodies, she communicates her own stories to her fans and listeners.
“I love how honest you can be in country music and the fact that a song can really tell a story,” said Lane.
In June 2014, Lane released her EP, “Southern Crazy”, which charted at No. 46 in the United States and at No. 21 in the United Kingdom on the iTunes country charts.
Playing with her at the showcase will be Carey Grabemen on guitar, Raymond Standiford on drums, Kellen Moss on keys, Kelly Hagan on fiddle, Erik Maynard on bass and Monica Moser and Catelyn Lester on background vocals.
Her manager for the showcase is her good friend, Chelsea Wales.
This is Lane’s first showcase at Belmont. She is excited and ready to share her music with the Belmont audience as well as with the world of country music.
Although she is a fan of current country music, she strives to bring the genre back to its roots. One of her goals is to “move country music back to where it used to be.”
“That’s one of the reasons why I am really glad to be in showcase as a female, to represent country music and where I want country music to go,” Lane said.
Betsy Lane’s music is available on iTunes and Spotify.
This article was written by Jackie Zeisloft.
Photo Courtesy: Jenna Clare Photography - Belmont Vision

"The Tennessee Life: Artist Interview: Betsy Lane"


Hometown/currently live:

What made you want to start writing songs and singing?
A lot of it has to do with my dad. He was a songwriter and an artist when he was about my age, and he always talked about it. When he would go out of town for business trips, he would leave us with an old cassette of him and his band and we would fall asleep to it so we didn’t miss him so much. He would make up songs on the spot about getting us dressed in our pajamas or songs about our belly buttons and just about life things. I grew up around that sort of creativity. I started singing as soon as I could talk, and when I was seven I was in my first musical with a solo. I wrote songs in middle school but didn’t tell anyone because I was already a ‘weird girl’ and didn’t want to make myself a bigger target– then I went to high school and met my friend Bella. Her dad is in the music industry and was working with huge acts in the country industry at the time, and her love of music and songwriting made me realize that I wasn’t a total odd ball. There were other people like me! yay! We had a notebook that we passed back and forth in between classes filled with lyrics and us fixing each others songs and helping each other with ideas and advice– I think that’s when I really started to grow and realize that I could do what I loved and not worry about what everyone else thought.

Do you play any instruments?
I do! I play the violin/fiddle, guitar, and piano and am currently teaching myself the banjo, ukulele, harmonica, and mandolin.

Did you teach yourself?
I was classically trained in violin for 9 years, and took on/off piano lessons for about 6 or 7 years. Because violin is such a difficult instrument to play, it was SO easy to teach myself other stringed instruments like the guitar. I’m still teaching myself things on the banjo, ukulele, harmonica, and mandolin and love learning new stuff everyday.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?
I grew singing Shania Twain and Martina McBride all.the.time. – I will always love those artists. Also, I’d be lying if I didn’t throw Taylor Swift into the mix – she’s just a powerhouse and represents women in the industry so well.
Where do you get inspiration to write your songs?
A lot of my inspiration comes from situations I’ve been through, or situations that my best friends have been through – typical. I’m always honest with my lyrics, but the thing that I love the most about being a songwriter is that you can be whoever you want to be.

Favorite songs you have written/co-written?
What about 18 from my last EP is a song that will always be close to my heart. It’s extremely personal and it’s kind of my way of giving my younger friends, family, and fans advice on not growing up too fast.
Also, a song called Enemies that I wrote with my friend Emily Waynt is a favorite. Right now, everyone is rooting for a girl takeover in country music, but there are some girls that you run into that are on their own team, and use you to social climb, and those people just don’t really sit right with us, so we wrote a song about it! It’s SO sassy. Hopefully I’ll release it soon!

What moment in your music career is your favorite so far?
I was given the opportunity to tour the UK last summer and I started singing one of my songs, and every single person started singing it with me. That was a surreal moment. I ended the tour in London, and we all huddled in a circle and I thanked everyone for travelling to see me, and for singing along to songs that I had written in some of the hardest times of my life. That’s a favorite. For sure.

Finish this sentence...if I could write a song for or with anyone I would choose______.
For: Danielle Bradbery With: Hillary Lindsay

Finish this sentence...if I could sing a song with anyone I would choose______.

Where do you see yourself in a year? 5 years?
In a year, I’ll be in my last semester as a college student – I want to graduate with honors, so I’m really focusing on that right now. I would love to snag a pub deal in 2015 if that’s in the cards for me. In 5 years, maybe I’ll be married or engaged, but either way, I hope to be touring and hugging lots of fans – whether that’s opening for someone, or headlining my own tour. I just want to be doing what I love, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get me there.

If I wasn't a singer/songwriter I would be...
LORD, I don’t even know! If I wasn’t a songwriting major, I would have gone to college undeclared, so who knows what I’d be studying.

I'm afraid of ______.

I never get tired of_______.
Breakfast food. I think it’s my love language if we’re being honest here.

Okay, I always ask people to tell me one thing about themselves that is random or strange that most people don’t know! ​
I used to live and breathe sports. I played basketball & softball for 9 years, ran cross-country, played soccer, and swam. You name it, I probably played it, haha! I was on two Varsity teams in high school, but then decided music would make me happier in the long run, so I opted for that route in college. - The Tennessee Life


"Nashville Nights" Released 7-7-2013. Charted at 134 on Country Singles Charts upon release.

"Wrappin Kisses" Released 12-3-2014. Released worldwide. 

"10 Months Ago EP" Released 1-3-2013. Charted in U.S., Australia, and The UK Country iTunes Charts.
Reached 62 in U.S, 23 in The UK, and 128 in Australia.
The EP held a spot on "Country New & Noteworthy" section of iTunes in the UK for 9 consecutive months.

"Southern Crazy EP" Released 6-30-2014. Charted in U.S., & UK Country iTunes Charts. Broke top 50 in U.S. at spot 46 and hit 22 in the UK. 

Radio Airplay:
"10 Months Ago" & "Nashville Nights" played on The Gulf Coast's Country Station K99 FM.



I'm a Nashville Native so Music City is home and will always be home to me. 
I was in my first musical when I was seven years old, which just attests to the fact that I know I was born to sing. For me, music is more than a voice, I believe that instruments and melodies help bring stories and songs to life. As a result of that belief, I'm classically trained in violin and piano and a self-taught guitar, ukulele, and six-string banjo musician.
I write songs like I breathe and want to be able to make a living doing what I love. In fact, I love it so much that my major in college (Belmont University) is Songwriting.
I have a huge respect for artists who write their own songs; I grew up on artists like Shania Twain and Martina McBride. Taylor Swift has to make it onto that list otherwise I would be lying if I said she hasn't been a huge influence on my musical journey. I admire songwriters like Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna, Luke Laird, Nicolle Galyon, Tom Douglas, and Josh Kerr, most of which have written or are currently writing number ones in Country Music.
I aspire to bring a new sound to the music industry. I love the saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it" so I'm not challenging the current way of success, but I wouldn't be opposed to bringing new inspiration to the music world. I always agree with people saying "The world doesn't need another Taylor Swift" or "The world doesn't need another Stevie Wonder" because they already exist. It doesn't mean that what they've done and achieved shouldn't be emulated, it just means they don't need a carbon copy in the industry. That's two things that I live by when finding myself and adventuring on my musical journey. 
My mission is to believe in, understand, and inspire the worlds creativity with music. 

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