Betsy West

Betsy West


Very raw guitar playing, with vocals to back it up. A very well rounded individual who has learned to create an edge on stage with her guitar playing skills and simple vocals. Happy go lucky, laid back, but very to the point with her songs and her stage presence.


My mother, in the end, waisted her money when I was young on piano lessons and violin lessons. The only thing I got out of these lessons was the discovery of how well I could play by ear. I tricked my teachers by never reading music, but still flawlessly playing a song. I make audiences laugh with stories I have compiled through working all sorts of jobs (soccer coach, golf course beer cart girl, cafeteria worker in college), playing sports in college, coming out in college, and all the crazy nights of partying I've been a part of. My stories, of course, will be interrupted by heart felt songs about ex-girlfriends, one night stands, transition, and just about everything else.


The Most

Written By: Betsy West

Won't you find me walking in the dark.
Stuff you can't see isn't always far.
And i know that you would promise to stay calm when i come from the shadows.
Cause its you, you see looking fearlessly like without this, well, nothing else matters.

Chorus: I know you don't know that I watch you so close.
Its a habit of mine,I can't leave you alone.
The years will go by right in front of our eyes, but right here right now-
I want you the most

If you lose me trying to find some light, know that I won't go down without a fight.
Cause you know that we live so happily when its us that what keeps us together.
And the way we love with such certainty there's no need to establish forever.


Right here right now we will be so happy.
I don't see no reason not to try.
I just want to be with you
and live so happily, I want you,
oh, I want you the most.

Skin Sin

Written By: Betsy West

i can't see you in any other way
but baby baby please don't let that scare you away
i want to touch, what i have never seen, and where i've never been
i know this may be a bit forward, but look at what you've done to me

Chorus:your skin is like a sin, and i am full of greed
if you'd just let me in, i'd fulfill all your needs
your body will just burn for this, and your tounge will be twisted
a night of fun starts with a kiss, and ends with bed sheets shifted

can't find my way out of your smile, i think i'm lost
those hips have never missed a beat, and i'd buy at any cost
i know that this ain't new news to you, I know you're at your best
i'd like to hold all this in, but those bedroom eyes make me confess


stay with me, right by me tonight
will you let me in, lets just do this out of spite for those
long nights of fidelity, those nights are finally spent,
now our bodies skin on skin, well simply put that just make sense
i will play another song, if that'll get you there
i'll take off all your clothes, i'll sing until your skin is bare
because this is what we've been waiting for, and now its near its end
now the rules are fully broken, they're not just merely bent



I have one CD out called "Eleven Songs by Betsy West." This cd is extremely raw, but recorded beautifully. Bold lyrics blend well with the simplicity of only acoustic guitar and vocals. The CD is simply eleven songs by Betsy West, but listen to it, and then you be the judge of its intensity and simplicity.

Set List

art guitar
adam's song
you and i
knee deep
the most
its true
please you
gravel- ani difranco
much obliged
corner of my eye
blue skies raining
pretty girls
the game
skin sin
All songs are written by Betsy West, unless the artist's name is behind the song. I do Ani Difranco covers, Tegan and Sara covers, and Ben Harper covers. My sets can be as long as 1.5-2 hours, typically they are around an hour.