Better Weather

Better Weather

 Windsor, Ontario, CAN

As their name suggests, the music of Better Weather will elevate you, break your heart and make you fall in love again. With a purity of sound that denounces indie classification and convention, it demands that you drop all pretense. Honest and optimistic, it promises that you will move and be moved. In an age of commercial cacophony, this quartet reminds us with humility that the true musical experience is not something merely listened to but something felt.

Two Words: Fucking SUCCINCT.


Better Weather is a 5 piece from Windsor, Ontario, Canada who have a common love for music. All members being from different Canadian bands with totally different genres in the past (My Son My Son, Beijing Bike Club, No Subject, G.E.P., HighRise, Life as Love of Water)


Season 1 - 4 song EP - January 26th 2013