Better Day

Better Day


A tour de force of harmonic inspiration. Guitar driven indie/alt rock with a splash of punk to taste - and a 4 part harmony chaser.


There, in the summer of 2008, in a makeshift basement studio in Lower Bucks County, PA, Better Day was born.

Comprised of seasoned veterans Chris Cooney (A Paper Tiger) on guitar, Liam Hare (A Paper Tiger/Red Hot Roxy) on drums, and Josh Peacock (The New Aggression) on bass, the trio started from scratch, building a sound indicative of the numerous influences that surrounded them in their previous musical endeavors, and life in general - blending edgy, vocal driven, indie progression with rejuvenated grunge grit and a splash of punk to taste.

They released their debut single “Please Don’t See This Through” in September of ’08, collaborating with John Fachet from Sweetcreek Studios on this effort. It received high acclaim and praise from local artists and critics as “Fresh” and “Enigmatic”.

In December of 2008, Better Day enlisted the vast experience of Anthony DiPietro (Rainbow Coalition/APT) to round out and complete the quartet. The match was seamless.

With the line up solidified, Better Day released their first EP, “Nosebreather”, in December of 2008.
Almost a year later, in November of 2009, BD released their debut full length album entitled "Beating Down Your Door"

Better Day continues to strive to create refreshingly original, truly alternative material, while still holding true to the roots that got them to this point. The next chapter awaits…


Please Dont See This Through - Single
Redlined and Miserable - Single
Nosebreather - EP
Beating Down Your Door - LP

We have been played on, widener university's Undersigned Radio and various local university stations.

Set List

1.Beating Down Your Door (no break - right into next song)
2.Please Dont see this Through
3. On my way
4. She Belongs to me
5. Just a joke (Slow it down)
6. FM
7. Blow
8. (cover) Zombie -- By The Cranberries
9.Dont (no break - into next song)
10 Redlined and Miserable (long jam version with epic drum solo)
11. Always and Ever
(Encore)Our rendition of RAIN by The Beatles