Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never


We're a "Texas Music - Christian Message" band. We play popular Praise and Worship music as well as our own original Christian music. We range in style from Southern Rock to Country and from Blues to Latino Salsa!


I only thought I was a Christian on that cold February weekend in 1998, at the ripe young age of 37. I hadn't picked up the bass guitar in almost 10 years, and the last time definitely wasn't to play Christian music! Just the two of us, Hayden and myself, were scheduled for our first public performance for approximately 100 youth and teens at a quiet weekend Christian retreat at the Zephyr Baptist Encampment, nestled on the banks of beatiful Lake Corpus Christi, Texas. I had no idea what I was in store for! That first night as we played and sang, and the kids stood up applauding with tears in their eyes, the burning lump in my throat told me I was hooked. God had touched their lives through our music, but more importantly, He WON mine that night, forever. The next morning I walked outside at sunrise to the prayer garden on a cliff overlooking the lake, and prayed for His everlasting grace and forgiveness. As tears rolled from my eyes, He blessed me. My life was changed. I would never be the same.

Better Late Than Never was born that following week with the help of our close friend Darryl Burns, and the band has grown into a powerful ministry of spreading God's love through music to youth groups, retreats, correctional facilities, churches, revivals, outdoor picnics, fourth of July celebrations, and anywhere else we are called. We are a "not for profit" ministry and never ask a fee for playing. We sell our CD's and will accept love offerings (donations) if offered to us. Our collective ages peg the name of our band, but our Lord bridges the age gap between us and the youth that we so often play for. For in His eyes, we too are His children. Love has no age.


Welcome To God's Grace

Written By: Tom Sablatura

I will hold on to You tight
I know I'll be alright
I took Your hand and gave my whole life over to You
You turn darkness into light
Give blind men back their sight
So take my hand when my life is over and

I'll be walking hand in hand
With my saviour, my redeemer, my brother and my friend
I'll be standing face to face
Well done my good and faithful servant,
Welcome to God's grace

You have chose this path I'm on
You've taught me to be strong
You gave me hope when hope was all I lived for and I
Look forward to that day
When I can stand and say
Thank You Lord for giving Your life for me and
(Repeat chorus)


We released our first CD "Against The Flow" in February, 2001. The #4 and #10 singles were released with Glory Train Records and both charted in the top 20 of God's Country International Music Chart and both remained on the chart's top 60 list for over 6 months! They also charted on the European Country Christian Top 100 chart!
Our 2nd CD "Just Reach Out And Call Him" was just released Spring 2004. We have it, as well as "Against the Flow", for sale on our website and digitally listed on almost thirty sites through CDBaby.

Set List

In additioon to our own original music, we perform old classic and brand new top 40 praise and worship tunes that you hear on todays Christian radio stations.