Better Left Behind

Better Left Behind


We are alternative, indie rock that is piano and guitar based. We have been compared to the styles of bands such as lovedrug, elliott, and copeland but at the same time don't really sound like them at all. We would like to be creative and not make music that sounds like everything else.


Better Left Behind was started in mid 2005. They played their first show as a three piece in December 2005, and recorded their first two song demo in early 2006. They completed their "Caught Up In Your Games" EP in late 2006, and recently recorded another demo which consists of three brand new songs which display the bands new direction. They are currently unsigned, and are working on their full length album. They play locally a lot and are looking to tour late 2007.


Prepared For Anything Demo(February 06), Caught Up In Your Games EP (recorded mid 06, released early 07), These Hands Are Cold Demo(mid 07).

Set List

To Cut Yourself Deep, Insecurities, Perfect Lies, These Hands Are Cold, No Room For Error, Caught Up In Your Games