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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Deconstructing the Boardwalk"

Deconstructing the Boardwalk
Brian Linville - May 21, 2004

The Boardwalk -- The Boardwalk set the stage for popular Sacramento act Deconstruct's CD release party. Just down the street, the annual Orangevale Pow Wow Days festival hosted a free show of some of the biggest pop punk and radio rock local bands in town. But despite the heavy competition, Colma, Better Left Unsaid, Crooked, and Deconstruct managed to pull a fairly decent sized crowd at the Boardwalk.

...Modesto based band, Better Left Unsaid hit the stage next, opening with their aggressive cover of Helmet's song "Meantime." From there the band went into "Pool of Youth" which shows off vocalist Bryan Strait's ability to go from hardcore rap, to a really clean jazz lounge sound, to a brutal growl. Strait's ability to charm a crowd with his in between songs banter, can make even a brand new crowd feel like friends of the band.

Musically, they broke up their intensity quite a lot-going from grinding for a few beats, then leveling off, and repeating. Drummer Brent Terry used a lot of double bass throughout the set, but almost entirely in spurts. Guitarist Jason Jones showed how shredding still has a place in modern metal, especially in the band's closing song "Pick Up Line."... -


BEER PIT SET OUT TO DECONSTRUCT Deconstructs Cd Release @ The Boardwalk
Colma :: Better Left Unsaid :: Crooked :: Deconstruct
5/21/04 By GOM

Let me start out to say this isn’t your typical show review, were going to take you on a road trip to a kick ass show at a kick ass venue. Let me also say that this was a great show, 3 RHMF*n bands. Colma, Better Left Unsaid and Crooked deservingly shared the stage in celebration of the release of DECONSTRUCT’S CD, “The Human Condition Act1”...

...Next band was Better Left Unsaid this is the only band of the night that I and Teabag have seen play before, last time we saw them was 11-29-03 at Pine St. Bar & Grill, notably Teabag’s band Burial Ground shared the stage and their last performance. BLU are Bryan Strait (vocals), Jason Jones (guitar), Zeke Rasnic (guitar), Rich Saturnino (bass), Brent Terry (drums). All members of the band are Veterans from the scene and it shows, with tight musicianship and chops. These guys always seem to consistently put on a good show. They aren’t afraid of melody in their music as well as maintaining an aggressive edge, strong hooks, solid backbone bass and drums and heavy guitars. This band mixes it up and are good at it. - The Beer

"Systematic Band Diary Entry 54: October 23, 2003"

…I also had a chance to see the Saliva guys when they came thru and had a bit of fun with them. I got up and jammed with them (thanks Chris) and had a blast on stage as you can see in the photos. Got to say hi to Jason and Ken from Godhead and must say those are some cool ass mofo's.

I also had a chance to check out this local band Better Left Unsaid that opened the show. They did a pretty dam good job getting all the people started for the night. The night was long and I think I ended up at a Dennys at some point.
Oh well back to the rock!!!! Cee ya

Adam - Systematic Official Website


Featuring: Thr3efold, Counterbore, Diferential, Better Left Unsaid
By Mike Vanek -

Vol. 3 Issue 11 - 08.04.2003
...Next was BETTER LEFT UNSAID! I think this is one of the best bands to come
out this year! And on this evening of metal this band was the most hardcore that I have seen out of them! They were really tight and together with one of the most dynamic rhythm sections in the scene today matched with the vocal madness that is Bryan Strait. This is probalably the best show I have seen BLU play and with every show they keep improving. With a cool stage show that binds together
double guitars brutal bass lines to go with an awesome front man this band will defiantly be a something to look out for in the future! When this band comes to your town I guarantee it’s worth
checking out Better Left Unsaid look out for their CD to come out soon!... - 209MetalNEWS

"Today's News"

06.12.2003 - Reported by

One of the newest entries into the NorCal scene, Better Left Unsaid, actually features quite a few familiar faces with a history that runs back ten years. This new act features vocalist Bryan Strait (Built,
Broadside, Immortality), drummer Brent Terry (Eyecon, Lythic), guitarists Zeke Rasnic (Dyatribe) and
Jason Jones (Cutthroat, Dyatribe, Shrine) and bassist Rich Saturnino (Bind, Dyatribe). Better Left
Unsaid will be hitting Stockton's Studio C in July to record their debut disc. The band also has a string
of live dates planned as well. -


"Some Things Are..." 3 song Demo/Fall 2003
"Brutality Of Truth" EP/Winter 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


Writing a biography is one of the more annoying things a band must do. All you really need to know is that Better Left Unsaid is a professional unit of five driven musicians that will stop at nothing to attain their many goals in the music industry. What exactly they are willing to do
is…Better Left Unsaid.

With a history spanning over a decade, this newer Modesto rock band is showing some very familiar faces. Better Left Unsaid brings together an experienced and driven group of musicians, featuring vocalist Bryan Strait (Built, Broadside, and Immortality), drummer Brent Terry (Eyecon, Lythic), guitarists Zeke Rasnic (Dyatribe) and Jason Jones (Cutthroat, Dyatribe) and bottomed out with bassist Mark Sudano (Primate, Nonthought, Ronin). Better Left Unsaid has hit the Northern California scene running and has been performing various dates with both local acts and national headliners recently, including Drowning Pool, Flaw, Saliva, Man Made God, Motograter, gODHEAD and Skinlab, along with radio shows for both the Modesto rock station (KMRQ 96.7) and the local alternative station (KOSO 93.1). Currently, BLU is an unsigned independent act, endorsed by Dickies©, Mesa/Boogie, Gallien-Krueger, Basson Sound, Schecter Guitars, EMG Pickups, Rocket Shells Drums, Aquarian Drum Heads, Istanbul-Agop Cymbals and Silverfox Percussion.

What you think of them really doesn’t matter, keep your opinions to yourself and realize that Better
Left Unsaid is your past, present, future and fate.