Better Left Unsaid (Modesto,CA)

Better Left Unsaid (Modesto,CA)


One of the hardest working, touring, and dedicated bands to come out of California. Averaging 150 tour dates a year, 4 National Tours, and a sound that reflects each band members interest. Check out our video for "Testify" on MTV2 Headbangers Ball!


Ambitiously making their mark in music, Better Left Unsaid (Modesto, California) pours energy and unfettered emotion into their music and one can’t help but feel the raw dynamic chemistry. With their ever-growing fan base and their need to be heard Better Left Unsaid has embarked on 4 national tours and has had the honor of sharing the stage with Hatebreed, Killswitch Engage, Bury Your Dead, DevilDriver, 3 Inches of Blood, and countless other acts along the way. The bands Stillborn Records release "The Fight Within" definitely culminates the years of hard work, relentless touring, and most importantly the dedication to the music they live for.


The Fight Within - 2008 Album

"Testify" - Single (35 Radio Stations/Sirius/XM

"Testify" Video - MTV2 Headbangers Ball Video Debut July 4, 2009)

"Repletion" - Single (35 Radio Stations/Sirius/XM)

The Silencing - 2006 Album

Set List

35-45 Minute Sets
Under My Skin
The Fight Within