BetterLUCK are a bunch of silly southerners who love to rock. They excel at writting catchy songs and are eager to entertain. They are very passionate about their music and make sure every show they play is fun for everyone. Talent in song writting and creativity have caused BetterLUCK to suceed.


From the outskirts of Houston,TX comes four insane southerners who love to rock. Dwelling from the suburban town of Katy these gents are ready to blow the world away with the awesome force that is betterLUCK!!! With a fun, and energetic stage show, and a true love and passion for what they do, betterLUCK is ready to take on the world. BetterLUCK has shared the stage with many bands including the Maine, Dont Look Down, Tokyo Rose, Spitalfield, the Varsity, the Morning Of, a Change of Pace, Catch 22, Trellis, School Boy Humor and even played side stage for Taking Back Sunday, Cypress Hill and BLINK-182. You can learn more about us and become our friend on or


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Set List

Typical set list can range from 20 minutes to a hour.