Better Sex Through Education

Better Sex Through Education

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We can all become great lovers! We can all have amazing relationships! Better Sex Through Education is a series of entertaining and enlightening (and often very candid) talks and workshops designed to help people learn how to have fun and grow as partners.


Dr. Jay

“Mom, do I have a big nose?” asks Brian. “Sex, sex, sex, that’s all you think about,” replies Mandy. (Monty Python’s Life of Brian)

Dr. Jay Klusky has also been thinking about sex . . . for a long, long time. And he has also been thinking about education. (For not quite as long a time.) In the Fall of 1980, while still an undergraduate at Portland State University, he created his first learning skills program and since that time has been teaching students of all ages how to improve their relationships and get what they want. Today, integrating aspects from his formal education (Ph.D. Cognitive Psychology, UCLA), his philosophical training (Applied Philosophy under the tutelage of Dr. James Samuels), and his martial arts instruction (under the guidance of Professor Leonard Trigg), Dr. Jay has created “Better Sex Through Education,” his lecture/workshop series aimed at helping people discover the keys to having truly special, lasting, and fun relationships.


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