better than aliens

better than aliens


This music is dedicated to those sounds you may never hear, to the voices that may never speak. We hope to translate the unspeakable into music. better than aliens will bring you music that is timeless, unique and tasteful. If you listen to The Strokes, The Beatles, or Radiohead you'd dig us!


Marty rode his 1977 honda motorcycle from Boston to Fairbanks Alaska, then down to San Francisco during the summer of 2006; with one thing in mind; bringing his music from the east coast to the west coast. He was determined to make a name for himself in San Francisco and so far, it's coming to fruition. Better than Aliens has a reputation for playing anywhere anytime and with just about anyone. They're far from a high horse; more along the lines of an unassuming pink pidgeon; they'll stand out in a crowd of what seems to be more of the same.

"And the music is sure to make you happy. Because it is difficult to qualify, the listening experience is one of a promising first date. You listen intently to everything that is happening without even realizing it, and the goosebumps are completely inevitable. The melodies are entrancing and the arrangements are fantastic..."
Says The Deli



Written By: Marty Mattern

I can't begin, to tell you a lie
It wouldn't be right
Cause you'd know
The truth, isn't sweet
There's no way around
To sugar coat it, just won't do

Cause in her eyes, she'll be wondering, who we are
Why we're staring off,
In to Space

Suffice it to say
We're on a short leash
Nobody dares to answer you
The truth isn't around
Try to pretend nobody cares
What you do

Cause in her eyes,
she'll be wondering
Who we are
Why we're staring off
Into Space
What looks out for me
And who's in store
Better set things straight

The minds are strong
Working for us
The Fate is weak
Faith without action falls

We'll be wondering
Who we are
Why we're staring off
into space
what looks out for me
and who's in store
Best to set things straight
What looks out for me
and who's in store
Best to set things straight
For the record.


Soon to be released EP in April '08

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Set List

The set list is usually between 7 and 9 songs. An average set is between 30 and 45 minutes. We like to keep people wanting more!

Example set: Retox, Wonder, Nobody Wins, In the Beginning, Sign, The Shape of Truth, In the End