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"Cultivation: Better Than Bacon"

"With gritty lyrics, funky and soulful melodies, full-on rock and roll guitar licks and overall musical talent, the band reminds me of a Widespread Panic type - this band does not disappoint, as their soulful southern jams satisfy the same tastes as their greasy namesake" - Mousike Magazine - Mousike Magazine

"Show Review: Dead Floyd & Better Than Bacon"

"The entire show was a rocking journey with the right amount of give and take, with attention to songwriting and crafting great music - the balance between Jame's crisp vocals and Ryan's soulful voice add a rich dynamic to the performance." - Music - Music Marauders

"Colorado Music Buzz: Better Than Bacon-CD Review"

Better than Bacon‘s self-titled album is as the name suggests; bold, savory, greasy and full of fatty substance. It’s good old-fashioned Rock and Roll, with sides of funk, soul, and blues all sautéed in psychedelic jams.

Hailing from Fort Collins, these boys know how to serve up a beat fit for any musical palate.

“Glasses Full” and the Big Brother and the Holding Company-esque, “Like the Weather” heat the skillet with sizzling flavor and exploding guitar riffs.

“Into the Country” is a creamy ragtime garnished with a vibrant piano, and lyrics serenading our great state.

“Skinny Man Strut,” “Twelve Years,” and “Missin” feature a sharp and funky bass with crisp mouth watering slices of organ and guitar over gritty lyrics.

Better than Bacon goes great with everything.

Recorded at What!? Studios, the album is crafted with precision and care, and is delicious from the first to the last bite. Keeping it greasy, Better than Bacon fulfills and satisfies as well as Momma’s home cooking.

- Colorado Music Buzz

"New Album from Better Than Bacon"

"Overall, the entire album is a well-constructed journey that has an intriguingly classic tone - mixing elements of blues, funk, soul, rock, psychedelic and jam with sizzling guitar, Better Than Bacon, plays like a band straight out of a bygone era." - - Music Marauders


Better Than Bacon (self-titled debut)
Released: June 5, 2012
Label: Self-Distributed (
Format: CD, Digital (iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby)



Born out of a chance encounter between an old electric guitar and an old-school songwriter, Better Than Bacon has quickly established itself as one of Colorado’s most sought-after and well-traveled bands.

In this musical age of smoke-and-mirrors musicianship and snake-oil salesmanship, this Fort Collins band moves the Rocky Mountains with a throwback formula: passionate performances featuring scorching electric guitar, well-crafted songs with substance and soul, and a thumping rhythm section to match any mood.

"Greasy Rock 'N' Roll with Old Soul!"

Better Than Bacon concerts run the rock ‘n’ roll gauntlet: the reckless free-for-all drive of Led Zeppelin and Nirvana, the variety and high-octane jamming of The Band and The Allman Brothers, and the songwriting refinement of Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, mashed with the hip-swaying spirit of Motown and the Blues. A dynamic vocal pairing – one that marries a powerful, textured vocal with a smooth, velvety voice – is complimented by explosive and expressive electric guitar that conjures the raw power and precision of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, the lyricism and honesty of B.B. King and Derek Trucks and the playful creativity of the jazz greats.

“That raw emotional connection between the band and the audience is what makes live music special,” said James Yearling, electric guitarist. “People can see that our smiles, our sweat, and our passion for performing are real, and that joy is infectious.”

Yearling and songwriter Ryan Zwanzinger felt that connection with each other the first time they jammed in a friend’s living room. Zwanziger played his songs, and it seemed Yearling already knew the melodies – his tasteful guitar licks and buttery voice harmonized seamlessly with Zwanziger’s percussive acoustic guitar playing and gritty, edgy vocals.

Armed with a ’76 Les Paul passed down to him from his father, Yearling was heavily influenced by a childhood upbringing of 60’s and 70s rock, jazz, soul, blues and country. Summers spent traveling the country and attending concerts pushed him to study composition, production and guitar performance, and finally swayed him to the stage where he now proudly wields his Daddy’s ’76, the spirited oxblood-colored axe, wailing and crying into the night.

Zwanziger’s arsenal of songs flow straight from the American songbook: inspired by life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Influenced by the deep pool of acclaimed songwriters from his native Minnesota, Zwanziger’s grunge and rock background pairs with his Keller Williams-esque “slap ‘n’ pop” acoustic guitar styling to afford a unique musical canvas. Through years of refinement, his signature songwriting elements of pop sensibility, lyrical depth and melodic hooks carry through his tunes, regardless of genre.

Shortly after their first meeting, Yearling and Zwanziger held a few songwriting sessions, shared music they’d each previously written and forged new material. That collaborative spirit sparked the duo to form Better Than Bacon as a four-piece band with drums and bass as a platform for their “Greasy Rock ‘N’ Roll with Old Soul!”

Two years and nearly 200 shows later, the band’s “hard-hat” work ethic and boiling brew of tunes has caught the statewide attention of numerous promoters, venues, and media outlets, as well as earned the respect of their peers. With a recently released self-produced album, a hefty performance schedule, and another national tour in the works, be rest assured that Better Than Bacon will be keeping it greasy!