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Better Than Yesterday


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Better Than Yesterday"

“Better than Yesterday is a fresh sounding band that can hold
its own in today’s pop radio through its honest songwriting
and catchy melodies” – Ed McMann – Kiss108FM DJ - Kiss 108FM

"A band of RAs... They're not out to write you up"

"Songs can only carry a band so far; it's about energy. People
want to go see shows," said senior Mike Blumberg, drummer for the Tufts'
newest student band, Better than Yesterday. And that's precisely what
the group has to offer - energy. As they approach their debut, BTY looks
to present the Tufts community with a breath of fresh air. Diverse,
energetic, experienced, and talented, the group declares that they
have something for everyone. And while BTY may not yet be a
household name on campus, the band is full of familiar Tufts
personalities. Members include seniors Brad Callow on guitar and
vocals, Mike Blumberg on the drums, Anish Jain on the sax, along with
Clark Casey playing Bass.
Members Casey and Callow bring a diverse flavor to the group
as they both participated in seasoned musical ventures in the past.
Before transferring to Tufts from Holy Cross, Casey was involved with a
band there called The Nine. Callow actually took his former student
group, Stellar, and converted it into his own recording company this
summer and released his first solo album Someday.
Stemming from entirely different backgrounds and experiences,
each member contributes to the group's original sound by adding his
unique flavor. What the members do have in common, however, is an
intense commitment to the band, a serious love of music, and a
willingness to make sacrifices. "This is the most focused and motivated
band I've ever been with," said Callow. "You know that TV show, 'The
weakest link? This band has no Weak Link".
The group says they have something for everyone and that
their music can't easily be summer up into one genre. BTY draws it's
inspiration from solo artists like John Mayer and Jack Johnson and the
much harder rhythms of heavy metal bands like Metallica. As Blumberg
would describe it, the band has, "two distinct styles of energy."
And it's not just the music that makes them different. According
to Blumberg, what it comes down to is just "How sexy we are." So really,
there's no reason not to check out BTY as they seem to have it all:
diversity, commitment, a "hybrid" sound, experience, and apparently,
even, sex appeal. BTY plan to make their own campus debut this
Thursday at Hotung from 10:00pm to 11:30pm. The group also has plans
to participate in Theta Chi's "Battle of the Bands" on the 27th. Aiming to
get a lot of exposure early on with plenty of on campus gigs, the group
hopes to have crated a solid foundation by second semester, and even
has plans to record. Sure to be a solid presence on the Tufts campus
and beyond, and promising a great show, Better than Yesterday is not
one to miss. - Tufts Daily


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Better Than Yesterday (originally The Residence), a Pop/Rock group based out of Boston MA, was formed over a year ago by students from Tufts University.

“Better than Yesterday is a fresh sounding band that can hold
its own in today’s pop radio through its honest songwriting
and catchy melodies” – Ed McMann – Kiss108FM DJ