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Bettin' On The Mule

Rockmart, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Rockmart, Georgia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Rock Southern Rock




"Up & Coming Southern Rock Band Bettin’ On The Mule Announces Release of New Single “Long Live Country Boy”"

Bettin’ On The Mule is thrilled to announce the release of their latest single “Long Live Country Boy” available everywhere this week. Lead singer and songwriter Jacob Wilson says, “The new EP is going to be our best music yet.” He ads, “The first single ‘Long Live Country Boy’ has a southern, bluesy sound. A combination of Led Zeppelin and Charlie Daniels Band.”

“Long Live Country Boy” is an excellent mix of southern rock, classic rock and country. Using this mixture Bettin’ On The Mule has created their own genre which they enthusiastically call “Hometown Rock”.

The new single is from the upcoming EP titled “Redneck Rocker”. The EP will have it’s official release in the fall. The album was recorded at Cock of the Walk Studios in Kennesaw, Georgia owned by Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl and was produced and engineered by acclaimed engineer Jeff Tomei.

For more information please visit the band’s websites. - New Music Weekly

"Experience the Engaging Crossroads of Country and Southern Rock Music – Bettin’ On The Mule Drop New Single"

Experience the Engaging Crossroads of Country and Southern Rock Music – Bettin’ On The Mule Drop New Single

May 23, 2023
“Every Day and Every Night” is an amalgamation of riveting rhythms, sensory vocals, and crisp songwriting for all audiences to relate to.

Rockmart, Georgia —May 20th , 2023 – A new single which will keep Rock and Country fans hooked to the tunes, “Every Day and Every Night” is the latest offering from growing multi-genre sensation Bettin’ On The Mule. An authentic, original, and heartfelt track, the new single is accompanied by an official music video which spins a fitting narrative to complement the track itself.

Enveloping audiences with all the right emotions, Bettin’ On The Mule are sculpting a unique, formidable identity in the music world. Their stirring new single echoes what the group describes as Hometown Rock- hard-hitting riffs, resonant vocals, and powerful, visceral lyricism which is rooted within their core influences.

Establishing a distinctive impact in Rock, the artistic collective released “Every Day and Every Night” for audiences on all official platforms on April 13th , 2023. The new video was recorded at CTS AVL Studios in Brentwood, Tennessee, and depicts a rich and concerted effort by the artists to weave an immersive musical experience for audiences.

Crucially, Bettin’ On The Mule’s music video features the band alongside The Urban Cowboy Line Dance Troop from Nashville, Tennessee. With an upbeat and stirring soundscape, the track is bound to make any listeners get up and start grooving.

“Our music is a blend of many genres that come together to create our own musical style which we call Hometown Rock. We are looking forward to performing our tour dates this summer and fall. We are also excited about releasing new music later this year,” affirm the artist regarding their music and craft.

An admirable force which continues to magnetize audiences, Bettin’ On The Mule have already released a number of noteworthy tracks which continue to garner streams on Spotify and other platforms. Their 4-track EP, ‘Tag Applied For’ has amassed 1000s of streams on Spotify alone and has catalyzed the band’s ascent.

Bettin’ On The Mule is also a two-time ISSA award nominee for Band of the Year and has been nominated this year for Entertainer of the Year as well. Their single “Every Day and Every Night is off of their album/EP- “Tag Applied For”.

Visit Bettin’ On The Mule’s official website for updated show dates and stream the eclectic artists new music on Spotify, YouTube, and other official music platforms! Follow the band on Facebook for updates on new and upcoming releases as well.


Bettin’ On The Mule is based out of Rockmart, Georgia, and formed five years ago. Jacob Wilson is the lead singer and songwriter, alongside Brandon Wilson on lead guitarist and back up vocals, Rick Norris on drums and backing vocals, and Shannon “Beef” Wilson holding down the bass and backing vocals as well. The talented band is currently looking forward to touring and releasing new music in 2023.

Bettin’ On The Mule
Name: Bettin’ On The Mule

Spotify: - Indie Music Review

"Get Ready Groove With Hometown Rock Vibes With Bettin’ on the Mule’s Impressive Release ‘I Think Of You’"

Jennifer Stone
July 17, 2023
Enjoy the highly engaging vibes of Bettin’ on the Mule and their brilliant musical formations. They have offered some incredible releases like ‘I Think Of You’.
Be a part of this incredibly musical journey of Bettin’ on the Mule. This band of four is truly taking this musical scene to the next level where people will love and cherish these highly profound music stars. One of their witty and engaging releases ‘I Think Of You’ is a love ballad meant to impress a person in love. The song is written by Brandon Wilson, Ian Denney, Jacob Wilson, and Richard Norris. And they have done a marvelous job recreating a scenic gesture of Southern rock music. While talking about their genre they are offers a blend of southern rock with rock and country, and they proudly call their style the ‘Hometown Rock’ style. The exciting original music brings joy and merriment to their audience; they pour their souls out with these enigmatic releases.
Coming out of Rockmart, Georgia, they formed this band several years back and they dropped their debut release, ‘All In’, in 2019. The band consists of Jacob Wilson, the lead singer, and writer. His brother Brandon Wilson the lead guitarist, Rick Norris on the drums, and their newest bassist Shannon “Beef” Wilson. Along with Jacob, all three accompany him on his vocal. ‘I Think Of You’ is a part of their second release, ‘Tag Applied For’ EP. Some of their brilliant releases will be ‘Every Day And Every Night’, ‘Life in the Fast Lane’, ‘Life in the Fast Lane’, ‘Runaway’, and ‘Bottoms Up’. Groove along with Bettin’ on the Mule’s southern rock vibes, their music is available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Facebook, and their Official Website.

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I have known Jake Wilson for many years and started off watching him and my son Ian playing guitars, singing and writing songs together at our home and family get togethers. Jake and both my boys, Ian and Noah, co-wrote some of the songs. Jake’s passion for music grew stronger year after year, and his family shares this love as well. It was no surprise for me to see them form a band and take their talent on the road as Bettin’ on the Mule.

On a recent Friday night at Rocco’s, watching them perform was amazing. They drew a big crowd, and everyone was having a great time. They connected well with the audience and brought it all out on the stage. Here is your chance to get to know them better.

Who are the band members?

Jake Wilson – lead vocalist/rhythm guitar, Shannon Wilson – bass guitar/backup vocals, Rick Norris – drums/backup vocals, Brandon Wilson – lead guitar/backup vocals.

How did you get the band’s name?

The drummer (Rick) came up with it, explaining when you are at a horse race and everyone is betting on the front runner horse and no one is betting on the mule but the mule wins.

What did you do during the last year or so with the shutdown?

Writing and recording and played shows we could still play in even out of state, Facebook Lives, etc.

Tell me about your albums and the songs on them.

Two albums. “All In” was recorded in Westminster, S.C., and the second one is “Tag Applied For” recorded in Kennesaw at the Cock of the Wall owned by Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl.

What’s your favorite song on your album and why?

Jake: Every Day Every Night
Rick: I Think of You
Brandon: Every Day and Every Night
Shannon: Sound of Thunder

Tell me what you have coming up this year that you are looking forward to.

Festivals and cities for shows this summer and going to San Destin Golf Resort in Miramar Beach to play a show.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

Jake: Joe Elliot, Def Leppard
Rick: Elvis, my dad took me three times to see him in concert
Brandon: Keith Richards
Shannon: Eddie Van Halen

Where can we find your music?

Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and

Is there a place you have not performed that you would like to?

Jake: Grand Ole Opry and Madison Square Garden
Shannon: Apollo or the Ritz
Rick: Fox Theatre
Brandon: Lakewood and Verizon

What do you see in the distant future for your music, like where would you like to end up in five years?

Band collectively: Across the pond to Europe and doing some tours there, Amsterdam, getting music out to more people, playing bigger venues and our name out there everywhere.

What is your overall favorite song by another singer?

Jake: Def Leppard, Hysteria
Rick: Bad Company, Moving on
Shannon: Rolling Stones, Far Away Eyes
Brandon: The Who, Eminence Front

If you could change one thing today in any area of life, what would you choose?

Jake: Save money earlier
Rick: More extroverted when younger
Shannon: I would have started saving money earlier.
Brandon: Dating choices of the past

What are the top songs on your playlist right now?

Jake: Michael Jackson, Def Leppard, and Michael Bolton
Rick: Bad Lands – Dreams in the Dark, Mr. Big – Green-Tinted 60s Mind, Stones – Gimme Shelter
Shannon: April Wine, Prince, Rolling Stones, The Georgia Satellites
Brandon: Iron Maiden, Blackfoot, Meryl Haggard, Rolling Stones

Tell me about your hobbies outside of music.

Jake: drinking beer, fishing, hunting
Rick: family going to the casino
Shannon: family and friends and grandbabies
Brandon: kids working on cars

What are three things outside of people and faith you wouldn’t want to live without?

Jake: AC, music, beer
Shannon: AC, remote control, bass guitar
Rick: AC, music, cat
Brandon: transportation, tools, guitar

What would you like new musicians coming out to know that maybe you wish you had known when you were just starting out?

Band collectively: Don’t think you know it all or that it will happen overnight. Stay humble, be friendly to all people, and don’t be afraid to listen – you are not always right.

If you could have a songwriting session with anyone alive or dead, who would you choose and why?

Jake: Glenn Frey – Eagles, Chad Kroeger – Nickelback, and Michael Jackson
Shannon: Willie Nelson, Billie Joe Shaver, and Charlie Starr
Rick: Bernie Taupin
Brandon: Rolling Stones

Do you have a favorite place or ritual you prefer when you are writing?

Jake: Hanging out with Ian drinking beer
Shannon: When it is quiet and alone
Rick: When I am in nature, a nice view or at the beach
Brandon: no, just when inspiration hits

What if anything did you learn or take from the shutdown over the last year?

Band collectively: The solitude and not getting to play and listen to other bands brought to our attention to love and appreciate music and freedom of it and expression and life.

You will want to check these guys out! They have even had their own beer brand launched call The Mule Kicker. You can find it at Hixtown Brewery in Villa Rica. They have a lot of things to look forward to as they travel and grow in their music. I would suggest you catch a show because the music is amazing and the show they put on is even better. - Best of North Georgia Mountains

"Magnificent Bettin’ on the Mule Is Creating a Separate Hemisphere With Their Incredible Craft ‘I Think Of You’"

Incredibly charming and highly engaging, Bettin' on the Mule is on the rise with their magnificent releases. ‘I Think Of You’ is one of their best showcasing their styles.

Based out of Rockmart, Georgia, Bettin’ on the Mule is one of the most elaborate musical bands. With impossibly highly musical quotients, their works are exceptionally profound and at the same time exquisitely engaging to witness. One of the impressive releases that have stayed with the masses is ‘I Think Of You’, this track is surely one of their brilliant musical formations that one can vouch for. Apart from that they have delivered some impressionable and well-cultivated musical treats for their audience. Residing in the Southern Rock genre, they often infuse their tracks with rock and country sounds, and they have named this charming musical enigma “Hometown Rock”.

The band is made of power-packed four members and the ensemble of these highly talented music artists has created their unique hemisphere with their charming musical qualities. The lead vocalist and the prime writer of this band is Jacob Wilson. His brother, Brandon Wilson is the backing vocal artist and also is the lead guitarist of the band. Rick Norris is another backing vocal with excellent skills in the drums. The latest member of the band and the bassist of the band is Shannon “Beef” Wilson. And together they have had some intriguing releases in the past few years.

They started their journey in 2019 with their debut EP ‘All In’. The album has 7 incredible tracks. Next, they dropped another EP titled, ‘Tag Applied For’. This album had 4 brilliant numbers, which will make your heart smile and your eyes shine. Making people happy is one of the natural gifts that they truly cherish as hobbies. The music they write and compose is capable to cure tormenting hearts and bring a smile to every face. They are fascinated by the works of Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, Bad Company, Aerosmith, and ZZ Top. Some of their unforgettable releases would be ‘Every Day And Every Night’, ‘Life in the Fast Lane’, ‘Life in the Fast Lane’, ‘Runaway’, and ‘Bottoms Up’.

Bring their soulful ‘Hometown Rock’ vibes back; they have created this charming number called ‘I Think Of You’. This is an open love letter that can be used by anyone, to woo their partner. The song was collectively written by Brandon Wilson, Ian Denney, Jacob Wilson, and Richard Norris, and wholesomely performed by Bettin’ on the Mule. Their musical vastness along with their arc of music releases have brought many people closer to their music. To know further about them you need to listen to their numbers. They are available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Facebook, and their Official Website.

Song Link: - New Music Weekly Magazine

"Bettin' On The Mule Nominated For Music Awards"

Northwest Georgia band Bettin' On The Mule has been nominated for three music awards. The International Singer Songwriter Association nominated the band for "Band of the Year", Album of the Year "Tag Applied For" and Song of the Year for "I Think of You". The awards show will take place on August 6th in Sandy Springs, GA. The first single from the CD "Every Day and Every Night" made it's debut at #2 on the Georgia Songbirds Podcast heard on internet radio stations all over the world. The CD "Tag Applied For" was recorded in Kennesaw, GA at the studio owned by Jackyl lead singer Jesse James Dupree.

Recently Bettin' On The Mule were crowned the winners of the Smiley's Unique Entertainment Georgia Music Showcase held at Sixes Tavern in Cartersville. In addition to touring to support their new CD, the band released their signature beer called "Mule Kicker" in May. You can find it at Hixtown Brewing Company in Villa Rica.

Bettin' On The Mule has a full schedule of upcoming shows including July 16th at the Summer Concert Series in Cedartown, GA. and the Pigs and Peaches BBQ Festival on August 20th in Kennesaw, GA. For more information on the band please visit their website at - Marietta Daily Journal Online

"Northwest Georgia Band Relaeses New Music"

Northwest Georgia Band Releases New Music
Local band Bettin' On The Mule has just released their new EP titled "Tag Applied For". This is the second CD from the band. Their debut album "ALL IN" was released in early 2020. Bettin' On The Mule's newest release was recorded at Cock of the Walk Studios in Kennesaw, Georgia. The studio is owned by rock band Jackyl lead singer Jesse James Dupree. The songs were recorded, engineered, and produced by acclaimed engineer Jeff Tomei and mastered at Glenn Schick Mastering in Atlanta.
The first single from the new record titled "Every Day and Every Night" debuted at #2 on the Georgia Songbirds podcast top 10 countdown and remained in the top ten for three weeks. The podcast is played on internet radio stations all over the world. The band will be starting production on videos for their singles in the next few months. Bettin' On The Mule will be out promoting "Tag Applied For" in 2022 with shows in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida. Additional shows will be added to the schedule later.
Bettin' On The Mule members are:
Jacob Wilson - Lead vocals and bass;
Brandon Wilson - Lead guitar and backing vocals;
Rick Norris - Drums and backing vocals. - The Dallas New Era

" Review Every Day and Every Night" Review Every Day and Every Night

Overall Impression:
Blending meaty riffs with a killer sense of groove and a generous helping of feel-good vibes, Bettin' On The Mule's fantastic rip-rollicking southern-edged rocker "Every Day and Every Night" is the perfect example of what happens when you get a bunch of like-minded musicians together that quite simply love to make music, and whether its the fantastically infectious feeling of energy coming off each and every overdriven guitar hook, vocal phrase, or percussive hit, "Every Day and Every Night" is very clearly one of those tracks made to be performed live in front of an audience so that they can throw their hands up in the air, get on moving, and have one heck of a good whiskey-fueled time!

Strongest Point(s):
Opening with the rousing sound of drums and a deliciously crunchy guitar riff that incorporates a delightfully quirky chromatic shift, "Every Day and Every Night" wastes no time in getting those energy levels raised, settling into its foot-tapping groove instantaneously whilst effectively establishing its charming fun-lovin' character, and by the time the warm and pleasantly husky tones of the vocals enter, you can't help but feel fully-onboard for what will be an undeniably pleasant ride from start to finish.
There's a certain energy to rock music that is unquestionably unique and when you get a band such as Bettin' On The Mule who clearly embrace the spirit of the genre with wide open arms you can't help but feel invested in what they're trying to convey to their audience. Whilst the music is based within a major tonality throughout most of the track, I found it particularly interesting when the song took a somewhat unexpected yet exciting detour around its midway point, opting for a darker tone with the help of the chord progressions' sudden shift into a minor based tonality. Not only does this create a great bit of contrast in the arrangement but also allows the music to briefly explore some new melodic and harmonic ground before returning to its roots.

Target Audience Appeal:
"Every Day and Every Night" is a superb southern rocker and fans of the genre will no doubt find it to be a thoroughly good time.

Artist target suggestions:
The Cadillac Three, 38 Special, Whiskey Myers, Blackberry Smoke, Kenny Wayne Shepard, The Steel Woods, Bishop Gunn, The Jompson Brothers, Them Dirty Roses, ZZ Top

About The Reviewer:
Andre Avanessian is a freelance session musician, composer, and sound engineer based in the U.K. Having studied music production and composition at a degree level, he has taken his passion for all things audio-related to a level that has allowed him to become both a competent musician and performer. Being a self-confessed "Guitar Nerd" Andre has been continually studying the guitar as well as teaching it, helping students learn the instrument, develop their songwriting, and become more proficient in home recording. -

"Check Out Richard Norris’s Story"

Today we’d like to introduce you to Richard Norris.

Hi Richard, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
I started playing drums at age 14 when my Dad bought me a drum set for my birthday. Over the years, I played in various bands and even moved out to Los Angeles to play. Fast forward to the current day and the band I play in now, Bettin’ On The Mule. We have two CDs out and are working on a third.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
The road has not been an easy one for us. Bettin’ On The Mule has had some challenges along the way. When we released our debut CD called “All In” we had our CD release party and one week later the Covid pandemic hit then the whole world shut down. So we never were able to properly promote it. Our bass player Shannon Wilson was in a terrible car accident a couple of years ago. He had to take months off to recover. Then last year I had cancer surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from the back of my right leg. I had a few complications from the surgery and we ended up having to cancel a couple of our bigger shows. But I am blessed by God that after two surgeries and some tough recovery, I am cancer free and back to playing drums with Bettin’ On The Mule.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about your work and what you’re currently focused on?
I am the drummer for Bettin’ On The Mule and also sing backing vocals. Jacob Wilson is the lead singer and Rhythm Guitar; Brandon Wilson is the Lead Guitar player and backing singer as well. The newest member of the band Shannon “Beef” Wilson holds down the bass while providing awesome backing vocals. Our music is a unique combination of Southern Rock, Classic Rock and County we like to call “Hometown Rock”. We are still touring and promoting our second CD called “Tag Applied For” and are working on new music that will be released later this year. We will also be releasing our debut music video for our song “Every Day and Every Night” which debuted at #2 on the Georgia Songbirds Countdown heard on internet radio stations heard all over the world. We were blessed to record our CD at Cock of the Walk Studios, the Kennesaw recording studio of Jackyl lead singer Jesse James Dupree and to work with acclaimed engineer/producer Jeff Tomei. The band was also named the winner of the Smileys Unique Entertainment Georgia Music Showcase in June 2022. We were also nominated by the International Singer-Songwriter Association (ISSA) for Band of the Year, Song of the Year and Album of the Year. In 2023, Bettin’ On The Mule is looking forward to releasing new music, touring, playing festivals, gaining new fans and making new music videos.

What do you like and dislike about the city?
I like the variety of entertainment that is provided in Atlanta. You have an awesome choice of talented artists. The local music scene is one of the best in the country. I think my least favorite thing about the city is the TRAFFIC!

Contact Info:

Other: - Voyage ATL

"Local Band Bettin' On The Mule Calls Fairmount Home"

There are lots of local musicians in our listening area. One or those is Bettin" On the Mule, a three piece power trio that hails from Fairmount.

Bettin" On The Mule is made up of Jacob Wilson,lead vocals, bass guitar; Brandon Wilson, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals; Rick Norris, drums, vocals.

They play a fun mix of Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Country and Originals. Their unique sound personifies the phrase "Hometown Rock". This phrase perfectly describes the style and feel of the band's music and show. They love performing and their music comes from the soul. An exciting stage show where everyone is having fun, great musicianship and original songs that have a true meaning to them. That is what you can expect from Bettin' On The Mule.

Bettin' On The Mule has opened for The Lacs, The Georgia Thunderbolts, Jeff Rodgers Band and more. The band has played many awesome venues all over the southeast including, The Cave Spring Motorcycle Rally and Musicfest, Sixes Tavern, Mullen's Pub Seneca, SC, and The Cleburne County Fair (Alabama) just to name a few.

The group's debut CD is still available on most digital platforms. And a new CD, Tag Applied For, is coming soon! -

"Bettin’ on the Mule sweeps in to play summer concert series"

Peek Park was filled with the sounds of classic rock and country music again on Saturday evening as the band Bettin’ on the Mule rolled into Cedartown as part of the city’s summer concert series.

The Northwest Georgia band, which includes two members from Rockmart, is coming off of being nominated for three awards by the International Singer Songwriter Association.

The band is nominated for Band of the Year, Album of the Year for its EP “Tag Applied For,” and Song of the Year for “I Think of You.” Members are Jacob Wilson, Brandon Wilson and Rick Norris. - Northwest Georgia News

"Meet Rick Norris Drummer for Bettin’ On The Mule"

We had the good fortune of connecting with Rick Norris and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Rick, is there something that you feel is most responsible for your success?
Being blessed by God to be able to make music and perform. There is a lot of hard work by everyone involved and we just love what we do. If one person enjoys our music or comes to see us at a live show and has fun then it makes us feel good that we have spread some joy into someone’s life.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
Bettin’ On The Mule’s sound is best called “Hometown Rock”. With our original songs we try to appeal to many people with a Classic Rock/Southern Rock vibe. Playing together for about 5 years the band has been a three piece for a couple of years now consisting of: Jacob Wilson – Lead Vocals and Bass, Brandon Wilson – Lead guitar and backing vocals and Rick Norris – Drums and backing vocals. Recently we have welcomed a new member Shannon Wilson on Bass and backing vocals. This enables Jake to focus on just singing lead. We released our debut CD, “ALL IN” in February 2020. We had a big CD release party and was starting our promotion tour when COVID hit and the world shut down. So it was difficult to get out and play to promote the CD. During the shutdown, we worked on writing more music with our friend and songwriter Ian Denney. Some of those songs are what became our latest EP “Tag Applied For”.
Our first single, “Every Day and Every Night” debuted at #2 on the Georgia Songbirds Podcast broadcasted on internet radio stations all over the world. At this year’s International Singer Songwriters Association (ISSA), our second single “I Think of You” is nominated for “Song of the Year”. We are also blessed with two other ISSA nominations this year, Band of the Year and Album of the Year “Tag Applied For”. We have been playing tons of shows promoting the EP and we were blessed to be named the winner of the Smiley’s Unique Entertainment Georgia Music Showcase in Cartersville, GA in June 2022
We are also excited about the release of our signature beer named “Mule Kicker”! Right now it is only available at Hixtown Brewing Company in Villa Rica, GA but we have plans to expand it soon. Bettin’ On The Mule has been blessed and we are going to keep working hard for our fans to make fun and interesting music and build our brand. The band is scheduled to head back to do some recording again at Jesse James Dupree’s, Cock of the Walk Studios with Producer/Engineer Jeff Tomei in September 2022.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
If I had a friend visiting, I would have to tell them you can’t visit Atlanta without going to The Varsity for a chili dog, onion rings and a frosted orange! Then visit the Georgia Aquarium. Afterwards head over to watch the World Champion Atlanta Braves in person. Before they left town, I would tell them to make sure to catch a concert at The Historic Fox Theatre.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
There are so many who deserve a shoutout for their support of Bettin’ On The Mule. Our families, friends and fans have always been there to back us 100%. We appreciate them all very much and couldn’t do this without them. Shoutout to friend and songwriter Ian Denney for his many contributions. A special shoutout to Producer/Engineer Jeff Tomei for the awesome work on our newest EP “Tag Applied For”. Also to Cock of the Walk Studios and Jesse James Dupree for the opportunity to record at such a cool place.




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Image Credits
Todd Dean Images, Sonya Norris - Shoutout Atlanta

"Summer Concert Series returns on Saturday in Peek Park"

Bettin’ on the Mule will start at 7 p.m., food vendors and fountains galore

It’s time once again for a show in Cedartown, and everyone is invited to come out and take part in the latest in the 2022 Summer Concert Series shows in Peek Park on Saturday night.

Bettin’ on the Mule, a Fairmount-based power trio who mix southern and classic rock favorites with country hits and some original music as well, will be headlining on the stage.

The live music is free to watch, and food vendors will also be out selling treats during the event set to start at 7 p.m. - Polk Today


  • Redneck Rocker - EP on Vinyl - Released in 2023
  • Redneck Rocker - Single - Released in 2023
  • Long Live Country Boy - Single - Released in 2023
  • Tag Applied For - EP - Released in 2021
  • ALL IN - Album - Released in 2019



Bettin' On The Mule


"Hometown Rock" pioneers from Rockmart, Georgia, Bettin' On The Mule represent a musical fusion that resonates with the soul of the South. Crafting music that goes beyond a genre, the artists embody a distinctive way of life, embracing musical diversity and celebrating the spirit of authenticity.

Depicting a signature style which seamlessly blends Southern Rock, Classic Rock, and Country, Bettin' on the Mule present a fascinating and soulful new genre - "Hometown Rock."

With their unique sound, the artists capture the essence of their origins and bring a distinctive flavor to their performances. Led by the talented Jacob Wilson on lead vocals, bass, and rhythm guitar, who also serves as the band's lead songwriter, Bettin' On The Mule is a musical powerhouse. The lineup further comprises newest member Phil Beavers on lead guitar and backing vocals, Rick Norris on drums and backing vocals, and Shannon "Beef" Wilson on bass and backing vocals.

Bettin' On The Mule's journey has been marked by a series of notable achievements. In 2022, the band clinched victory in the Smiley's Unique Entertainment Georgia Music Showcase. Their talent and dedication have garnered them features in prestigious publications such as the Marietta Daily Journal, NorthWest Georgia News, Shoutout Atlanta Magazine and more.

In December 2023, Bettin' On The Mule's new single "Long Live Country Boy" made it's radio debut on iHeart Radio, 94.9 Atlanta GA, 105.7 Augusta GA. and 96.5 Macon GA The Bull's Backyard Country. The show also named BOTM the "Artist of the Week".

The artists’ excellence earned them recognition from the International Singer Songwriter Association (ISSA), where they were nominated for Band of the Year, Album of the Year ("Tag Applied For"), and Single of the Year ("I Think of You") and Entertainer of the Year. Their debut single from the "Tag Applied For" album, "Every Day and Every Night," made a grand entrance, debuting at #2 on the Georgia Songbirds top ten countdown, broadcast on indie radio stations worldwide. The band was also nominated for Band of the Year by Georgia-Country.

Bettin' On The Mule's musical journey has been punctuated by their discography. Their debut album, "All In," released in 2019, laid the foundation for their sound. Following this, their EP "Tag Applied For," released in 2021, showcased the artist’s evolving artistry and band ethos.

The eclectic band continues to make waves with their latest singles, "Long Live Country Boy," and "Redneck Rocker". Both singles are from their anticipated new EP named "Redneck Rocker". The band has again recorded their new releases at the studio of Jackyl lead singer Jessie James Dupree's Cock of the Walk Studio. As well as, the new album continued to be produced and engineered by acclaimed engineer Jeff Tomei.

Sculpting their own melodic canvas, Bettin' On The Mule's music resonates with depth and meaning. Their track "I Think of You" delves into the intricate emotions of love, where a song becomes a gateway to treasured memories. "Every Day and Every Night" captures the spirit of enjoyment and relationships, traversing the journey of coming together and parting ways.

Members have been honored to have opened for National, Regional and Local acts such as The Lacs, The Georgia Thunderbolts, Jeff Rogers Band, Quiet Riot, Drivin N Cryin, Michael Allman, Humble Pie and more.

The band has played many exciting venues all over the southeast including, The Cave Spring Motorcycle Rally and Musicfest, Sixes Tavern, Madlife Stage & Studios, Chattahoochee Mountain Fair, The Great Locomotive Chase Festival, The Angel City Motorcycle Rally, The Cleburne County Fair (Alabama), Polk County Fair and Kennesaw Pigs n Peaches BBQ Festival just to name a few.

As their journey unfolds, Bettin' On The Mule remains dedicated to delivering electrifying live shows, gaining new fans and crafting exceptional music for the times to come. Bringing their "Hometown Rock" to the masses.

Band Members