Betty Finn

Betty Finn


The Pixies meets Luscious Jackson with a samba/reggae feel. Multi layered music intertwined with four female vocalists.


Betty Finn plays melodic alternative music that rocks hard and always leaves the listener satisfied. Their original sound--featuring tight vocal harmonies and provocative guitar, keyboard, and rhythmic hooks--draws impressive crowds at elite Providence nightspots like the Green Room, Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, The Met Café, and the Century Lounge. In addition to their vast experience playing headline gigs, Betty Finn has opened for such singer / songwriting luminaries as Jewel, Juliana Hatfield, and Kelly Deal of the Breeders.
The music of Betty Finn can be best described as their own style and sound, absolutely original. Their four part harmonies will take you on an emotional rollercoaster from soft sweetness to emotional angst filled screams. Michelle's almost psychadelic bass lines drive the songs. The emotion filled vocals encapture you with four singers grabbing your attention, and always captivating you in their live performance. Shannon's hypnotic keyboards envelope every space in the room while Jessica and Chelsea jazz and often dissonant guitars play off each other, both taking lead and rhythmic responsibilities. Their songs bring you into feeling that dirty little feeling of heartache with lyrics that grab you. The heartache is real as is their dedication to music.



Written By: Chelsea Cowser


Those devil eyes that you gave, never saw them behind your face of angels or the way, your gracious, gracious ways. The more, I think of what you gave, the more it takes away from all that I believe, well it was real to me.


your honesty ends at the first words creeping out, trickeling off of your tongue and out your mouth, my pain turns to anger baby but, I hold it back hold it down, corrosion and mold abound.

this feeling that first took my heart has taken my soul

and baby I fold. I gave in I yielded, took down my defenses, and you turned your back baby, now I need an exit and I'll go. I'll go

The End of the World

Written By: Chelsea Cowser

I'm standing on an open plane
Throwing rockets in the sky
Watching them explode around like
Fireworks in a blanket of clouds

If we are born to die
Then I'd like to end it with you
If we are born to die
Then I'd like to end it

If you are as small as me
Then we could be molecules together
Racing through the atmosphere
Burning as we're passing through

I'm bringing on the end of the world
And this moment will be infinite
Cause nothing ever stays the same
And I can't begin again

You illuminate
You're calling me under into the ground
You radiate
Enticing as lava inside the ground

I'm bringing on the end of the world
And this moment will be infinite
Cause nothing ever stays the same
And I can't begin again


Written By: Chelsea Cowser

Lay beside you close my eyes. I think I breathe the deepest air. My god you are there. My god you are there.

Not a word that we should speak to take the space away from time. No fire escapes to climb. No fire escapes to climb.

Ooh, don't tell me you're gone. Tell me I'm worth your purple heart, and the bullets inside your chest kill you.

No more phone calls to wait for. No more nights in strangers arms. What's stranger than pretending? Maybe a heart not worth mending. Lay beside you cannot open for fear that you're not really there, and it's myself laid on the tracks with no one left to rescue me. Don't tell me you're gone, tell me I'm worth your purple heart and the bullets inside your chest didn't kill you.

(If you want to make believe, then you can be by me, my man)

Lay beside you close my eyes, I think I breathe the deepest air my god you are there, my god you are there. This kiss the pinch tell me you are real on my lips, what a wonderful night I had... another night take away my blurred lenses, but I am still in love....

this dream I had so many nights ago
this dream I had so many nights ago
this dream I and oh my oh my god, you are there.


El Diablo full length CD
Abound, See Through, and Simple Misunderstanding have all been featured on WBRU providence.

Set List

Our set typically lasts an hour plus

Our Original Songs include:
Bottom of the Well
Count to three
Derek Gray
For You I
Good Girl
Hey Shark!
Nothing at all
One Night Tango
See Through
Simple Misunderstanding
Safe From Harm

Songs We have covered are
Mother's Little Helper- the Rolling Stones
Gigantic- The Pixies
Do you love me now- The Breeders
Metro- Berlin
Our Lips are sealed- The Go Go's
The World has turned- Weezer
Hey- The Pixies
White Girl- X
Moodswings- Luscious Jackson
Dance this Mess around- the B52's
Modern Love- David Bowie