Betty Iron Thumbs

Betty Iron Thumbs


If Jenny Lewis and Mick Jagger had a secret lovechild named Betty, it would sound a lot like this. But you must include a love of catchy hooks, and interesting chord changes. And we can't forget the story telling lyrics... Betty offers a frank look at life, death, sex, and relationships.


Betty Iron Thumbs snuck up on Katie Morrison (guitar, vocals, viola) and Mike Long (guitar, vocals.) Both Katie and Mike were in a folk band called My Compass Spins when they realized that their songwriting was going in a different direction. The old band fell to the wayside and Katie and Mike began their search for musicians who would compliment their new found twangy indie rock sensibilities. They first found Richard Robin (bass), a Louisiana transplant whose southern roots helped lay down the bandsignature alt-country influenced groove. Next came Hugo Fernandes (drums) who gave Katie, Mike, and Richard a dose of what every good band needs… rock.

Since Hugo joined in May 2007, Betty Iron Thumbs has played at some of the best venues Philadelphia has to offer including Mill Creek Tavern, Tritone, Doc Watsons, and several stints at North Star Bar. Every single one of these shows was booked based on word of mouth because the band did not have any recordings at the time.

In December 2007, Betty Iron Thumbs completed their long awaited first EP, Sit and Wait and is spending the winter and spring regionally gigging and writing new tunes.


Sit and Wait, 6 song EP released December 2007.

We also have tracks streaming on myspace, and some internet radio programs.

Set List

We generally play a set of 10 to 12 originals and a cover. Our originals are listed below and compose about 95% of our set. We also do a much requested twangy indie rock cover of Motorhead's Ace of Spades.
Our sets typically range from a half hour to an hour depending on the needs of a given show.

Catastrophe (Morrison)
Cold Day (Morrison)
Empty Picture Frames (Long)
Free Like You (Morrison)
From the Mountain Tops (Long)
Here for the Beer (Morrison)
Out by the Sea (Long)
Take Off Your Clothes (Morrison)
Unconditional (Morrison)
Walk of Shame (Morrison)
When You Wake Up (Long)