betty's not a vitamin
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betty's not a vitamin

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Daily Dosage EP - 2 song released 2005
Self Titled 14 song CD released 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


After a 10 year stint as a carnie on the East Coast, Chris Tocco met Todd Staudinger working at the electronics counter at WalMart in Big Bend, Indiana. They decided to buy a guitar with the change from lunch and sing Hobo songs at the local mall. After a bottle of Ripple one day they accidentally wrote a song. Intrigued by the idea that if it's your song, you don't actually have to KNOW all the RIGHT words and chords, they figured, hey, this is the way to go.

After several failed attempts at stardom in the Salt Lake City vaudeville circuit, they headed back East and settled in Denver, only to be run out of town after a small incident at an amusement park where Chris was recognized by another carnie who accused him of steeling his fake tooth at the Utah state fair. This inspired them to write and perform as the Twins of Fury for the next 5 years in and around Phoenix with their faithful companion Mookie the junkyard dog.

Another "incident" forced them to relocate and change their name. After a drinking a bottle of Cold Duck, they went to the local drug store and bought some Flintstone vitamins and Fruity Pebbles to try a new crash course sugar based diet Todd had heard about. After lining up all the vitamins on a park bench, Chris came to the conclusion that… ”Betty's Not a Vitamin!” and that's been their name ever since.

Chris and Todd continued writing until they had 20 songs. At some point, they realized songs on the radio weren't actually people playing live, but were "recordings". Using his past "work" experience in the San Quentin prison library to guide him, Todd spent a day doing some research and came to the conclusion, that this was done in a recording studio, and that CD's weren't actually frisbee/coasters… but that somehow the sound was on THERE… and that he and Chris had better get their songs on one of those coasters ASAP. They moved to Florida and teamed up with former side show Monkey-boy Rick Boucher on the skins, and Rob "The Amazing Snacks" Kosinski – formerly a grip on the Merv Griffin show – on bass. They went into a big room with microphones hanging from the ceiling for a day and a CD Frisbee/coaster was the end result.

But seriously folks…

The debut CD is a 14 song compilation of original material with a power pop cover of the old Kenny Rogers hit Ruby (Don't Take Your Love to Town) thrown in for good measure. BNAV tackles styles ranging from Power Pop, Rock and Acoustic, to Rockabilly and Surfer Rock. They've done all of this without losing touch with their very distinctive sound. A tight rhythm section, distinctive lead vocals, tons of guitars, all topped off with killer harmonies. It's fresh, classic American music at its best.