Bettys Not A Vitamin
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Bettys Not A Vitamin

Clearwater, Florida, United States

Clearwater, Florida, United States
Band Rock Americana


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"Meet....Betty's Not a Vitamin"

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Tampa Bay Times planner (Jan. 12, 2007)
St. Petersburg Times (Jan. 18, 2007)

The band: Chris Tocco, vocals and "professional shaker;" Rick Boucher, drums and vocals; Todd Staudinger, guitar and vocals; and Rob Kosinski, bass and vocals.

Formed: In 1993, with some breaks and lineup changes since.

Home base: Clearwater

Why you should respect 'em: These guys are some of the hardest working guys in local music. For more than a decade, Staudinger and Tocco and Co. have played more than a few nights a week, week after week, at beach bars and places not exactly renowned for being ultra-hip in the local music scene, booked by uber-agent Jane McKee.

What's with that name? Tocco came up with it in his younger punk rock days. He said that when he and his friends couldn't afford candy, they explored the contents of a Flintstones vitamin container.

Tocco: "We lined them up on the counter and noticed there was no Betty. I think it was because her waist was too small - they'd break. Now, the kids recognize Rosie O'Donnell as Betty, and it's no longer a problem."

(Turns out Betty Rubble was first added to all of Bayer's Flintstones formulas in December 1995, and the Flintmobile was discontinued. We couldn't confirm if O'Donnell's portrayal influenced the decision.)

New CD: Betty's Not a Vitamin, just released this month. " Basically, the CD is for us the culmination of 13 or 14 years, beating ourselves, playing all these gigs and gigs," Staudinger says. " There's power pop, Americana, acoustic stuff. We play a bit of everything."

Winning over the beach crowd: The guys explain how they pull off being a successful beach bar band that doesn't exclusively perform Top 40 hits:

Tocco: "We play most of our originals most nights. We won't say that we're going to play an original before we play it and wind up winning the crowd over with our stuff."

Staudinger: "The beauty of being older and having done this for so many years is that when you're young, you're trying to prove yourself, but when you're older, you are just who you are."

So, it's more for fun? "It's more for fun," Staudinger replies, "but it's more sincere."

Boucher: "Every club owner says they love us. ... They say we're like a jukebox on random. And that's the original stuff."

Some seriousness, too: "The song Sweet Pain is inspired by a friend of mine who died of AIDS," Tocco says. "I wrote it on the way home from his funeral."

Staudinger: "The Answer is anti-war, pro-soldier."

Choice cover tune: Ruby (Don't Take Your Love to Town).

Keeping it real in the studio: "We record old school, not a lot of overdubbing," Staudinger says. "For harmony vocals, three or four of us gather around one mike, so it's very authentic. It's not effect-driven; just good amps and mikes. ... We recorded over at Audio Lab on Hillsborough Avenue, and Greg Marchak was an amazing engineer for us."

Tocco: "And a great kisser."
- Julie Garisto/St. Pete Times tbt* Music Editor

"CD Reviews from"

These are some CD reviews from people who have bought our debut CD "Betty's Not A Vitamin" from

5 of 5 stars
Reviewer: Matt
Zesty,smooth,spicy and a real treat. Can't get the CD out of my player. For a local independent release this sucker will give ANY release a run for it's money. I really dig the production. Great drum sounds and the " Landscape " groove is so slinky.

5 of 5 stars
Reviewer: Jane
Rarely do you find a cd with such great harmony and a solid approach while covering the bases to please a wide audience base. I felt the Stones coming through and some TomPetty vibes, but mostly, knowing this band, I know they had FUN with it and it clearly shows!!

4 of 5 stars
Reviewer: Ken
Something here for everyone. Sit down with the lyrics that are included in the booklet and really step inside the mental workings of two gifted songwriters.This CD has been in heavy rotation the last few weeks here. I'd love to hear these guys cover the Stones' " Sweet Virginia ". Great job fellas

5 of 5 stars
Unlike many CD's it never starts to sound stale or repetetive.
Reviewer: Yv
Be careful if your driving or boating when listeneing. It is very easy to get lost in the music. Each song has a new fresh sound and the guitars and harmonies are as exceptional as the lyrics. Give it a listen.

5 of 5 stars
Man these guys have got it nailed !
Reviewer: Johnny
This CD is a buffet of styles with every song hitting on all cylinders.I'd like to spotlight a few tracks, but then I'd be wrong by slighting the others because they all are stellar and worth mention. These guys sound like they'd be a hoot to see live. Maybe I need to drive the Bonneville down to Tampa and see these guys ! -


"Daily Dosage" 2 song EP, Fall 2005
"Betty's Not A Vitamin" 14 song debut, Jan 2007



BNAV's original sound is a mix of all classic American music – Pop, Country, Rock, Punk and Rockabilly – served with the feel of a Memphis barbecue.

Founding members and songwriters Chris Tocco and Todd Staudinger are joined by long time drummer Rick Boucher and bassist/ songwriter Steve "Barkin' Barney" Barnes. They released their debut CD in January 2007. It is a 14 song compilation of original material with a power pop cover of the old Kenny Rogers hit Ruby (Don't Take Your Love to Town) thrown in for good measure.

The CD received extensive radio airplay nationwide on over 180 CMJ College radio stations and broke ground in several large Commercial Radio markets as well. One station in NY played 3 singles from the CD for 12 straight weeks! See the "News" page for more details.

BNAV tackles styles ranging from Power Pop, Rock and Acoustic, to Rockabilly and Surfer Rock. They've done all of this without losing touch with their very distinctive sound. A tight rhythm section, distinctive lead vocals, tons of guitars, all topped off with killer harmonies. It's fresh, classic American music at its best.

Their live show is a combination of their original material (they have a full one hour original set) and covers that encompass the spectrum of classic to modern rock. There are even some that are off the beaten path. They have years of performing experience in every venue size from clubs to concert stages as both a full electric and unplugged act. This versatility, combined with years of experience and professionalism makes them a crowd pleaser wherever they perform.