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Band Comedy Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



""Highlight of the Winterfolk Fest""

"Other highlights were . . . Betty Supple’s 'The Moon', and funky/fun roots pop group the Donefors...
SARAH GREENE - Now Magazine

"Words from Art Joyce"

"Dirty Grace consists of Betty Supple on mandolin, vocals and guitar, and Marley Daemon on guitar, vocals, accordion and piano. Their repertoire draws on original and cover tunes with a strong be-bop jazz influence with elements of bluegrass, hip-hop and R&B. The audience was transfixed by their note-perfect harmonies and Betty's charismatic Betty Boop Style vocal inflections. . . Dirty Grace is touring Canada with hula-hoop dancer/instructor Laurel collins and Scotty Dunbar, creating an almost medieval troupe atmosphere, complete with occasional clowning and fire-breathing (he meant fire dancing ;) . . . . Original songs by Dirty Grace feature a strong environmental and social conscience cast in memorable melodies and sweet harmonies." by Art Joyce - The Valley Voice

""The Betty Supple Experience""

"You may have met her riding the trains out to western Canada, living in a temporary tree shelter, protesting Victoria’s Olympic developments or sitting, guitar in hand, huge smile on face, belting out songs. Wherever it was, a Betty Supple experience is likely one you haven’t forgotten.
That should be no surprise though. After all, Betty grew up in F’realtown Ontario, which means she is required, due to a local bylaw, to keep it real.
That is exactly what she does on and off stage.
A refreshing dose of honesty in a botoxed, brand-filled pop world, Betty’s music hits you in the heart precisely because of its nakedness. The difference being that Betty isn’t losing her clothes to cover up for a lack of actual talent.
“I guess you never loved her like I do,” sings Betty in one song. Of course, she’s talking about the moon.
Live, Betty becomes the centre of attention, not the musician in the background as the yuppies talk down their Blackberries. There’s a dose of humour, a lot of love and a hell of a personality.
Ask her for her number after the show though and she won’t give it you. She doesn’t have a cell phone. She doesn’t even have a roof to which she calls her own at present. Don’t feel one little bit bad though; it makes the Betty Supple experience all the richer." - Tom Marshall

""Ain't Betty Grand""

"Part goddess and part wolf-child, Betty Supple is breaking unique ground with her new CD, "Aint' Life Grand". With a smooth smile and an appetite for giggles, she successfully combines sultry, sexy musical grooves with the tender openness of a naked, human heart. The result is a performance that pushes boundaries while inviting listeners to laugh, dance, and reflect in a heartfelt way on the challenges of living in the modern world." - Jesse Thom


Demo Album: "Ain't Life Grand", February of 2010



Betty grew up in F’realtown Ontario, which means she is required, by blood, to keep it real. Her repertoire touches the genres of witty bluegrass, honest hip hop, cheeky folk, raspy jazz, truthful love songs and political anecdotes. She has an uncanny ability to read her audiences mixing her mood with the vibe of the crowd to make a good time for all.

Betty has opened for Five Alarm Funk, and appeared at ArtsWells Festival two years in a row, last year opening the stage for Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra. She played three sets at Winterfolk Roots and Blues Festival this year, and performed last year at Victoria's International Jazz Fest with her band "Dirty Grace". Betty has graced the stages of Surge Fest, Campbell Bay Music Fest and Faeries and Fools with former group "The SeaStars". Betty also went ahead and took the main stage, all three years of "F'realtown fest AKA Stupple-fest AKA Freelton Shake and Howdy". She's appeared on various radio stations including the CBC.

Lately she's been traveling the country, consciously sharing songs to tickle the light inside all the good folks she encounters. Her style keeps hearts warmed and minds engaged, as she lures you right on into her world and sits ya down for a drink of today's fancy.

Though Betty was blessed with the lips of a sailor, she gratefully tones down the language for family affairs, in fact she used to make her living playing music at daycares for children.

She’s been firin’ out tunes since it occurred to her to do so, and speaks her mind, heart and soul through her songs."