Betty Widerski

Betty Widerski

 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
SoloRockNew Age

Betty uses 4, 5 6-string violins to bring her distinctive energy flair to Rock, Pop, Punk, Country, Folk, Classical, Latin, World, Jazz bands and session tracks. Her solo improv looping project Reverse Polish Notation showcases her original compositions songs.



Betty Widerski is known in the Boston area as a "string slut" - she presents her solo violin looping project Reverse Polish Notation as well as appearing with bands Ginger Ibex and The Gobshites, plus additional ad hoc performances and recording sessions.


When Betty was growing up in the suburban North Shore of Massachusetts, no one thought that there was any other "real" way to play violin besides Classical music. So she studied Mozart and Beethoven, played violin and viola in local orchestras, gave solo recitals, received a Congress of Strings award from the American Federation of Musicians, and went off to study Music, Physics and Math at a liberal arts college. But by graduation, Betty realized that she was not interested in the competition of the Classical world - but had always sworn to herself that she would never be one of those "sad, mediocre old people" (as her teenage self viewed them) who scraped away in the back of the 2nd violins in a community orchestra. So lacking any concept of another path, she put away her instruments...

Some years later Betty was still sad about not playing violin, and looked around for a better, more enjoyable way to approach it. She got the name of a local violinist who also played in a Rock band - Betty went to her and said "I want to learn how to play what I want, improvising without sheet music in front of me!" Much unlearning/relearning later, Betty played at a gig with her teacher's band - and realized that THIS was what she wanted and needed: on a stage, playing music for people who are out to have a good time that doesn't involve sitting quietly in rows.

More recently, Betty began to compose music for herself and others. Rather than recruiting a band, she uses a looping pedal to create multi-layered sonic patterns over which she improvises. After several performance workshops with harpist/storyteller Deborah Henson-Conant Betty has also begun writing and performing songs.


Wake Up

Written By: Betty Widerski

Wake up and take the dare
sSamsara goes nowhere
You're stronger than you know
Wake up and let it show

When I'm feeling down
I just can't see through my fears
and my world is full of tears
I can't face another day
make my ninjas go away

Wake up and take the dare
Samsara goes nowhere
You're stronger than you know
Wake up and let it show

When my mind is dark
thoughts are crowding out my brain
sometimes feel like I'm insane
no room in there to be me
seems like I can never be

stress fear doubt
kick them out
don't care how
be here now

When the Drama Llama Comes to Town

Written By: Betty Widerski

When the drama llama comes to town
He cocks his head and spits on the ground
He takes a dump as he turns around
when the drama llama comes to town.

When the drama llama comes to brunch
he crashes your table and starts to munch
he'll stay to chat 'til 'way past lunch
When the drama llama comes to brunch.

When the drama llama comes to work
everyone starts to seem like a jerk
their little irritations make you go berserk
When the drama llama comes to work.

Let me tell you how I'm cursed
ev'rything is horrible
Let me make things worse
So I'm not alone... in my misery

When the drama llama comes to pray
the god-fearing people all run away
he's very loud with nothing to say
when the drama llama comes to pray.

The drama llama never goes home
he'd rather ruin your comfort zone
'cuz dumping on you beats being alone
so the drama llama never goes home.

Life's a rotten deal
no one suffers more than me
Let me make you feel
just the way I do... in my misery

When the drama llama comes to town
everything gets turned around
your aggravation's up and your spirits down
when the drama llama comes to town...
when the drama llama comes to town...

Amiga Pesadilla

Written By: Betty Widerski

Amiga pesadilla
danger in your eyes
wish that I'd known better
than to listen to your lies.

where now our connection?
suddenly not there
can't escape the feeling
that you left without a care.

Amiga pesadilla
danger in your eyes
your promises turned into lies
Amiga infieles
I thought you were my friend
but now that is all at an end.

you swore undying friendship
I thought that it was true
never thought you'd turn around
and leave without a clue.

Curse my trusting nature
englamoured by your charm
saw you do to others
things that should have caused alarm


you think you've got your life set
new partners to enchant
so I'm no longer needed
an old embarrassment

but cutting the connection
doesn't set you free
you cannot escape your debts
to others and to me.

I lay no claim upon you
a waste of time it seems
but you will fail until you face
your own nightmarish dreams

No one else will save you
blandishments won't help
ashes fall around you
until you face yourself.


[Notes: "amiga pesadilla" = "nightmare friend", and "infieles" = "unfaithful"]

Set List

Betty's solo project Reverse Polish Notation features her original multilayered string compositions and songs.

If you wish to hire Betty for a general business event, she can offer you a variety of classical, folk, jazz, and rock music - please contact her with a description of the event and what music you require.