Between Bluffs

Between Bluffs

 Clearwater, Florida, USA


Drawing inspiration equally from the foothills of the Appalachia and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Between Bluffs explores the roots from which they came with uninhibited fervor. While retaining the hospitality and soul of the South, they infuse a restless and musically nomadic nature into an organic and ever-evolving sound that incorporates many elements of Americana and Folk; yet, refuses to be bound to the limitations of genre.

Breaking out of the confines of convention, they blur the lines and ultimately create something unfiltered and authentic. From love songs to political commentaries, personal introspections to casual storytelling, no theme is off limits. What sonic experiment will they conduct next? They don't even know...

Between Bluffs formed after meeting at an open mic in Dunedin, Fl in 2010 and is most often seen as an acoustic trio with Brad Myers, Justin Davis, and Jerrod Simpson switching back and forth between: upright bass, guitar, mandolin, and banjo. They call on the help of long-time friend, Joseph Russek III, to play drums as well.

Credits for the 2011 Album, Mountain Nearing:

Recorded by Justin Davis at M.O.T.H. Studios in Clearwater, Fl
Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Scobey at Southstreet Studios in Nashville, Tn

Chris Bunton - Banjitar, Trombone, Guitar on Happy Home
Vicki Scuteri - Violin
Michael Ratza - Saxophone
Daniel Scobey - Mix Master, Electric Guitar on Good Days
Shaina Wolfe - Cello on Give It to You

Photography - Julie Vogel
Logo Design - Nick Linser


Mountain Nearing - Self Released on April 30, 2011