Between Lives

Between Lives


Between Lives takes influence from all areas of modern heavy metal and adds their own melodic twist, creating a sound that satisfies the extreme and aggressive side to the genre while at the same time, not overwhelming to those not familiar with the type of music.


In 2005, metal guitarists Scott Clark and Greg Nicholls both from the greater Vancouver area, joined forces to start a new project from the ground up. Both had a great deal of experience with past bands but nothing seemed to quite fit. After countless auditions, bassist Josh Stoesz was found and put on bass guitar. Meanwhile, Kyle Scott (vocals) and Jesse Bentley (drums) were looking for new opportunities as their band had recently parted. It was only a matter of time until the two groups came together. Eventually they did. 2007 came the release of Beneath Dying Skies, which quickly sold out of its first run. 2008 shows great promise for the band, with multiple Canadian tours in plans along with a second album release.


Beneath Dying Skies - 2007

Set List

The typical setlist is seven songs with a one-minute intro to the set. Sets average around fourty minutes and is all original material. A typical setlist would be as follows:

-To Each His Own
-So Sayeth The Wolf Shirt
-One In The Heart, Two In The Head
-Now Or Never
-Flags That Justify
-Moment To Define