Between The Lines

Between The Lines


Great sound mixed with pure energy brings the level up a notch when Between The Lines plays!


With four members with different influnces Between The Lines delivers something new to a time when most music sounds the same. Blending funk, rock, blues and alternative, BTL has created a feeling they can call their own. With a wild live show and musicianship that cannot be denied Between The Lines is working hard to leave there mark where ever they go!
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Written By: Bryan Zimmerman-Lyrics/Between The Lines -music

I can tell by the look in your eyes
Your waiting for me
But you wont catch me by suprise
It's not the easy
I've been around a time or two
And your expecting
To be told what your wanting to
And I'm reflecting
On times Ive been in this before
And I'm not givin you
Signs away so you cant be sure
Of what I'm gonna do

All the reasons and the feelins give way to all the demons that stand in your way
It's knowin where your goin so whats the point in showin man who cares anyway
Its what ya came to do so why not follow through, why not one more time
And if you don't like it than at least you tried it you can allways change your mind

Verse 2
I know this is not your first time
You've givin that away
I can still see I'm not blind
Just cause I look the other way
You might have used this one before
I'm sure you did alright
but it's gonna take some more
to get where you want tonight
so I guess we'll just have to wait
to see whats comming
might be everything you want
or it could be nothing



Looks like my doors open
climb on in
I know its what your hopin
so lets begin
your inhibitions left the building
there's no doubt
You'll see the smile on my face
When I climb out


"The Red Room Sessions" 6 song cd
Released in 2006

Various college stations across the country have our cd in rotation.

Local radio: Knight Cast
A Bone to Pick Radio
Native Noise 101.1
Monsters in The Morning 104.1

Set List

We can tailor a set list to what ever time period needed usually. Normal set is 45 minutes to an hour. Hour and a half could be done if needed.

Typical Set List

Head Trip
Funked UP
Sippin Tea
Last 30 Seconds
Welcome to the party/or cover tune depending
Once in a While
Take 2 Hits