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Between The Lines

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Between The Lines set review"

BETWEEN THE LINES set was nothing short of perfect. I didn't expect anything less -- The reason I was at Ho and Do's in the first place last night, really :) Tight, vocally outstanding -- I like a band who does mostly their own stuff and often ask a band, "any covers on the set list tonight?". Tonight was an exception, I never expected BTL to ram into "All Along The Watchtower" - Bryan ran with it and I was useless to take any shots whatsoever. I was gobsmacked (funny word that...). I dearly hope they decide to do it again. The guys played like they were on fire, James' fingers on that bass moving quick, sharp and fluid; The drumbeat holding it together is still in my head today, Eddie Van WHO? is what you could have said with the way Justin was playing last night. I love that he can play so hard and not make a single "Guitar Face":) - Katidid Productions

"Between The Lines CD Review"

"The Six songs on "The Red Room Sessions" have a funky, bluesy kind of sound. One could possibly make a comparison to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. As the title indicates, this disc was recorded at Red Room Studios with Sean Shannon behind the knobs--another local studio wiz who has gained a solid reputatuon over the years. Another one of the merits of this record is the musicanship. Instrumentation is nothing more than guitar, bass, and drums--an organic sound without a bunch of junk in the mix. This band would probably be great live." - Connections Magazine, Jamie Eschelman Jan 2007

"Kevin Maxx (ex DC Talk) Question About Singers"

"Bryan - Between The Lines - "white boy funkadelic" is what I had heard him described as. That made me question the speaker -- I don't categorize the musician by their race.. but ten minutes into BTL's set, I understood what the speaker (although misguided in their choice of words) was trying to convey. Bryan's voice was flowing gracefully throught bass laden riffs, you never forgot that this was a musician who obviously was passionate about this stuff." - Katidid Productions

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"The Red Room Sessions" 6 song cd
Released in 2006

Various college stations across the country have our cd in rotation.

Local radio: Knight Cast
A Bone to Pick Radio
Native Noise 101.1
Monsters in The Morning 104.1



With four members with different influnces Between The Lines delivers something new to a time when most music sounds the same. Blending funk, rock, blues and alternative, BTL has created a feeling they can call their own. With a wild live show and musicianship that cannot be denied Between The Lines is working hard to leave there mark where ever they go!
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