Between Two Skies
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Between Two Skies

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Band Rock New Age


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"A Thousand Conscious Moments REVIEW"

Minneapolis music fans, watch out for your safety! There is a new band in town that may soon stir things up around the Twin Cities music scene. Between Two Skies (Minneapolis, MN), puts a style of music on their first demo, A Thousand Conscious Moments, which can be compared with a loaded gun that is shooting a thousand bullets of creativity in every direction. This pure and authentic sound isn't something you will find on the radio or television, but will definitely catch your attention next time you see them play in a local club. In a nutshell, this album is one of the most unique demo's I have heard in a long time. Now, with that being said, let's break down the nutshell into tiny pieces, shall we?
Altogether, this album is like a rollercoaster of progressed emotion. From start to finish, the feel of the music has early 90's rock vocals that sing proud and clearly capture the confidence of the music and lyrics. At the same time, the album is mixed musically with a bit of a futuristic vibe, which almost makes the listener feel as if they are floating away in outer space. Put the sound of the past together with the future and the two elements are combined create an artistic sound that you have never heard before.
When I listen to this album, I picture Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam singing on Pink Floyd's, Dark Side of the Moon. Like Dark Side of the Moon, this album almost sounds like it should be cued up with the Wizard of Oz because of the experimental effects and unique usage of the instrumentation. A perfect example of this can be found on songs like Feathers and Skeletons or at the end of Habits in Dementia.
If you're itching for some new music and crave a different musical feel than what the radio has to offer, this album is definitely worth a listen. While it's a shame that this genre of music will probably never make it to the Billboard's Top 40 list, Between Two Skies will certainly take the listener on a journey that they've never traveled before even if they are only listening on their iPod from their own home.
- Julian Lile
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"Band Review"

Between Two Skies - The local MN band with, I foresee, possibly the most potential. I 1st found out about them from a local dredg fan I met via myspace. These guys are spacey, yet technical enough to appreciate their skillfull musicianship. Upon a later exposure to them live, they really seemed to have honed their sound. Adding vocals, and maybe a bit more heaviness. Their singer reminds me of Maynard from Tool or Eddie Vedder to extent, but at the same time he's a bit more accessible. Definitely a band I look back on 2006 as a good discovery.

-Kyle M. - All Media Reviews

"A Thousand Conscious Moments EP Review"

I'm not sure if I was ready to check out the latest effort from Between Two Skies. Sure it looked innocent enough but little did I know that this EP would have some of the most trance like states of most of the music out there. "A Thousand Conscious Moments" is a rather perfect name for it because of how epically smooth this music feels.
Taken down a notch, BTS is the rock experience thrown into rich molassas and churned ever so slowly around and around until tasty atmospheric waves and synth filled guitars spill onto our plates. Descriptively weird I know, but it really is like a sonic experience. Resonating guitars and Breaking Benjamin-esqe vocals are what make of the forefront to this backdrop of echoing melody.

These 7 seven tracks all have the same motif in that most are filled with mellow synth, but there is a range of different tracks, such as quicker songs that develop catchy sections (Etheric) as well as the radient slow songs that seek to entrance (Habits In Dementia.) It is able to switch it up a bit while still keeping a central theme, which is nice.

In the end, those who enjoy musical oddessys that echo and cascade like majestic forestscapes then this is a nice listen to both relax you and give you a buzz. Others may become bored by the laxidazical feel of it but that is just some people. I really enjoyed partaking in this EP because it feels special, like the soundtrack to a heroic movie.

~ Pernell
January 31 2008

( - Skyline Press


EP~ "A Thousand Conscious Moments"

"Feathers and Skeletons" and " Marble Tops and Borrowed Thoughts" have been featured on MN Local Music podcast.



Between Two Skies music is like the journey you've never had, but may always have been searching for. It is an introspective look at ones self through colorful palettes of musical harmony, soul catching melody and heart stopping rhythms, delving into profound ambience and experimental discourse. Founded in early 2005 as a song-writing collaboration between Dave Fiedler (Guitar/Vocals) and Adam Schmid (Drums/Percussion), the two were striving to break through the confines of a stale music scene, to shed new light on music with a purpose and an identity, through inspiration, truth, acceptance, and global consciousness. Now in full force adding Kevin Kildahl (Guitar/Vocals) and Patrick Bergin (Bass/Keys), Between Two Skies is emerging out of the cocoon of the writing studio on a non-stop quest to open the ears and minds of the very people whom are starving for something new and something different. Touching on several different genres that can take you from a hard rock edge on an emotional rollercoaster to the ambient and worldly rhythms and textures.