Portland, Oregon, USA

Bevelers are two sweet lady songbirds of charmber-folk-hushing, wooing and cooing.


Bevelers, Adria Ivanitsky and Lee Aulson are an indie folk musical duo from Peabody, MA [Lee] and Salem, OR [Adria]. Started in November 2011, Bevelers had their first show at Mission Theatre in Portland, Oregon and released a demo in two weeks time of their very first few weeks of starting. Lee is a recent art school grad from Mass College of Art + Design and a past Mile Post 5 creatives community resident. Adria and Lee got started as co-workers at Vivace Coffee Shop where they made crepes and served coffee.

Bevelers currently reside in Portland and are collaborating with numerous artist and developing their harmonious sound. Currently Bevelers are working with musician/sound engineer Johnny Keener for backups on his new album at Sidecar Studios. Bevelers are also in the process of developing an album for late spring/early summer. They have also been review by Galen Pepys saying,

"Ivanitsky and Aulson are two willow wisps that might evaporate into dying light if we sneeze, so we sat cross-legged as Bevelers transcended heartache into sleepy kisses in the morning." -Galen Pepys

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Bevelers - Demo
Released November 2011