Beverly Burton

Beverly Burton


Soulful Inspirations, Vocal/Pianist that you need to hear


Beverly Burton loves music..... She is enjoys playing and singing her soulful and inspirational compositions or other arrangements of hymns or favorites tunes. Her goal in life is to use her music to help those in need. I want to reach out to others through my music that's all.
. Her solid church background and love of all styles of music, which she says: "was inspired by her family, Brian McKnight, Richard Smallwood, PBS classical concert series and Rachmaninoff, Jazz and Blues... " has molded her musically. “There should be no limits place on music, Bev says the moment we begin create personal or cultural barriers is the moment that we change the story it tells” ...

Set List

Beverly and the Piano- 3 song set
Beverly, singers and pianist- 4 song set
Beverly, singers full band- 6 song set
A Set repertoir consists of motly originals, and arrangements of gospel or motivational songs