Beverly Chapman

Beverly Chapman


Write a few songs, sing a few songs, great therapy!


I travel the country as a corporate trainer for a healthcare company. I have lived in Nashville for 18 years. Grew up in Cleveland, Ohio "under the influence." Dad had a bluegrass band and Mom played all the LPs of what was then "today's country", Connie Smith, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens. I LOVECOUNTRY Music. Is there another kind?


Good Common Sense

Written By: Beverly Chapman

Verse I:

My eyes are open
I see the picture perfectly clear
Life tastes sweeter
Loves the only song I can hear
I feel your fingers
runnin' through my hair
to my brain
this is confusing
my senses are completely in sane


Common sense is the only sense that makes sense at all
Common sense otta catcha before you fall
no ryhme or reason
seems they both have gone with the wind
this must be treason
you've taken all my good common sense

Verse II:

You've got me walkin'
runnin' jumpin' on cloud nine
and when your talkin
I feel a chill move up my spine
Logic should tell me if this is just too good to be true
My mind is reelin'
I think that I'm in love with you


What you hear and see
smell and taste and touch
can be deceiving
and yet still give you a rush
but there's another
that probably won't lead you astray
but when it comes to love
that sixth sense is far, far away