DJ Beverly Skillz

DJ Beverly Skillz

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From Hip Hop to Electro, Beverly Skillz brings the heat to any party scene. And she's not your average sexy female dj either! This girls has the real deal skillz. She is a battle tested and party approved! Scratch, mix, juggle, you name it, she can do it well!


Deejay Beverly Skillz Bio

From the depths of the dirty dirty Beverly Skillz (formerly known as dj deIZM) has become a rising force in turntablism. She is a battle dj, party rocker, remixer, & soul searcher. She has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. From the first time she placed her fingers on fader in late 2004, she knew it wouldn't take long for her to become a force to be reckoned with. She entered her first battle at the Guitar Center in New Orleans in May of 2005 (just 7 months of experience behind her). She was up against five other guys in the prelims. And she blew them all away and took first place. In the finals she had some formidable competition and took third. Against the advice of some, she jumped head on into the biggest dj competition in the country (and beyond): DMC. She battled in the American Battleground in Birmingham, AL. She and her two crew members Tony Skratchere and Antixs drove 7 hours to the competition. She battled against twelve other djs and tied for third with Sol Kontrol (but the judges gave it to him- well deserved). Not expecting to place as high as she did, Beverly Skillz continued to perfect her cutz, composition, and bad ass juggles for 2006. In May of 2006 she competed in the Krackernuttz Pepsi Throwdown in Houston, Texas. She beat out three other djs to advance to the finals, yet again. Make no mistake, she will not stop until she has a major title under her belt (and then she still won't stop!). Considering she is already advancing to the finals in all of her battles, it's only a matter of time before she becomes a nationally known name in dj battles... But the battle scene is not the only forum she excels in. This bitch can rock a party!! She blends electro, bmore, old school, indie, & mainstream hip hop, funk, soul, and disco into a party you'll never forget. And with a unique touch of killer cutz, aggressive mixing, and unique composition, it's a party you'll won't soon forget! She has played all over the south, and will soon be rockin it coast to coast. She has performed along side Black Sheep, Afro-Ra, Inspectah Deck, Planet Asia, Josh Martinez, Sleep, Know One, The Able Chris, Impluss, Truth Universal, Carl Cox, and Tittsworth just to name a few. She has held down a popular weekly in Lafayette, Louisiana from August of 2005 till May 2006. Moving to New Orleans in August of 2006, she quickly established two popular weeklys along side her crew member Tony Skratchere. She is quickly becoming the most sought after female dj in the south. It's easy to see Beverly Skillz is becoming an unstoppable force. Expect great things from her in the future when she will venture in production, promotion, and possibly her own business. A graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, she holds a degree in Architectural Design. Also a talented graphic designer & sketch book graffiti writer, her life has become infused in all the elements of hip hop. She has also done live cutz for many Louisiana MC's. She is also a featured dj on the top female turntablist site: where she stands alongside other incredible ladies such as Shortee, Tyra from Saigon, Annalyze, & Killa Jewel just to name a few. Be on the look out for this hip hoper!! Coming to a city near you!


The First Lady Mixtape 2004
Skillz is Bangin- The Mix 2007

Set List

Beverly Skillz is available for sets from 30min-4hrs. She blends Electro, Bmore, Mash-UPs, Old Skool, Indie, and Mainstream Hip Hop as well as Funk, Soul, and Disco.