Beware of Safety

Beware of Safety


"And while the music is loud, noisey, and aggressive, the band really shines in the post-trauma aftermath, showcasing a more sophisticated side that really speaks towards the band's natural talent and understanding of its art." - Jordan Volz: The Silent Ballet


Beware of Safety made the conscious choice to create instrumental music.

To create sounds that words could not express.

To leave out the vocal monologue that is without interpretation or insight, but instead, create music which traverses emotional and textural hollows that teeter between concealment and proclamation; between rapture and affliction; between conviction and deprivation; between opulence and destitution; between choice and coercion; between boldness and apathy.

Beware of Safety calls the unspeakable from it's hiding place and imparts it to their listeners with gentle tact and deliberate action.

The inexpressible has found it's voice.


dogs (CD / LP)
The Mylene Sheath
January 2009

It is Curtains (LP)
The Mylene Sheath
October 2007

It Is Curtains (CD)
Self Released
January 2007

Set List

The Mylene Sheath

1. Nu Metal
2. The Supposed Common
3. Step or Stone
4. Hexa
5. Circa
6. dogs
7. Yards and Yards
8. Light of Day
9. The Laughter Died
10. Raingarden

It is Curtains
Self Released

1. Kaura
2. Weak Wrists
3. The Difference Between Wind & Rain
4. Veneklasen
5. O'Canada
6. To the Roof! Let's Jump & Fall