Melbourne, Victoria, AUS
BandHip HopEDM

Super exciting happy fun times!
Melbourne's rollicking 6/ piece Bewilderbeast are here to bring you a hip hop partycore adventure in electronic medieval pirate tunes that will blow your mind and shake your bottom. Check it out!


Rollicking six-piece Bewilderbeast have been turning heads with their uniquepartycore hip-hop flavours, drawing crowds to their energetic shows aroundMelbourne. They first cut their teeth below ground at warehouses and houseparties, before bringing their act to wider audiences at familiar Melbourne venues and festivals.

Formed in 2009, their smorgasbord of sound is built upon years of playing together under various guises since the members' teenage years. Over the last year, they have become renowned for their high-energy live act which magically turns empty dance floors into playgrounds for partygoers. The energy of the tight-knit band spills over the divide between band and audience to create ananimated, all-embracing experience.

A feisty, word-playing MC and a beat-boxing soul-infused singer are supported by a drummer with a background in jazz, a keyboardist with baroque stylings, a bassist with punk roots, and a drum machinist with a taste for dubstep. United, these diverse influences form a raptacular sonic phenomenon that electrifies the senses.

Having headlined weekend shows at venues such as the front bar of the Espy and Revolver, and playing festivals including Rock for Relief 2010 and Where the Wild Things Are, Folk Rhythm & Life and Wild Open Space, they've had the opportunity to play with a wide range of bands: Illy, Barons of Tang, Melodics, Combat Wombat, Rapskallion, and In Tongues amongst them.


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