New York City, New York, USA

Bex is sexy in the studio and explosive on stage...this pop vixen is fearless in front of a live audience. With her beat thumping dance-pop songs, she's done it all...from crawling down a bar singing her hit single, "Warning", to getting soaked in an on-stage shower; with Bex, you never know what's coming next! Check out everything Bex at


I should come with a warning, baby :)

This little pop temptress has been working up a sweat on her latest project: a brand new show of brand new music. Back in her beloved NYC after performing nationwide, Bex caught the eye of the late Bill Aucoin (KISS, Billy Idol) who immediately spotted the vixenÂ’s star potential. Soon, a collaboration was born between Aucoin and producer / co-writer, Ali Dee (Mary J. Blige, Shakira) who together with Bex began work on brand new material for her debut CD. The collaboration soon exploded to include Director/Choreographer, Derek Mitchell (Faculty BDC, So You Think You Can Dance) who created a vibrant, striking stage show. It also includes stylist Alison Lang (MTV), and SkitchTV Director, William Heins (Jay Z, Jessica Simpson).


"Warning" (available digitally; iTunes,