Santa Monica, California, USA

Indie rock, juxtaposing moods and melodies. Rock, jazz, blues, and classical influences. Sad-triumphant.


Bexley is an LA based band headed by singer-songwriters Becky Henkel and Cole Newman. They have been performing and writing together for 7 years. Their debut has just been released and is available on itunes and amazon.

"Fall Away Up" was recorded at Jim Peterich's studio (Member of Survivor, wrote "Eye of the Tiger"), and engineered by Larry Millas (Member of Ides of March) and Kevin Dippold (Engineer for Billy Corgan and Smashing Pumpkins)

Cole has written scores for several short films, as well as the feature length "Dress Rehearsal". He has a rich background in classical and jazz piano.

Becky has performed on many soundtracks, including the Demi Moore film "LOL", which just topped the charts as itunes #1 downloaded movie. Ziggy Marley welcomed Becky's performance on his latest hit single "Can You Feel It", also featuring Linda Perry and Chuck D.

Their musical influences include Miles Davis, Van Morrison, Fiona Apple, Radiohead and the Beatles.


Let Me Out

Written By: Becky Henkel

I never wondered where it began
I never wondered when it would end
I sigh in fury when I can't obtain
That which in questioning, it seems all in vain

Oh Please let me out

Though all's uncertain, and better unsaid
I'll take my chances, and fight 'till the end
Can't keep on searching, or wondering when
Run in a circle and you'll never get anywhere

Oh please let me out

My head's still spinning from all that you said
We'll be on the same page, when one of us has reached the edge.
Cant's kepp on searching, and banging your head.
I'm not your servant, and I'm not your friend

Oh Please let me out.


Debut album "Fall Away Up" is now available on itunes, amazon, spotify, and cd baby.

Set List

Champagne Dreams
Weight of the World
Train to LA
Won't Let You Drown
Wounds that Heal
Weight of the World
Inside Out
Sleepless Divide (karma angels)
Fuel the Breakdown
Let Me Out
Wounds that Heal