Bex Marshall

Bex Marshall

 London, England, GBR

Bex Marshall’s unique style of guitar playing is a combined technique of slide, blues rock, ragtime and roots pickin’.
Her voice is a powerful melting pot of old black woman’s heartache and rock diva soul. Bex is a writer of distinction and notability, she pushes the boundaries of blues, her songs have been called timeless, touches of genius, and now with her 7 piece band, she is literally a musical tornado.
On Bex’s latest recordings you will find swamp blues, splashes of gospel and colorful


A Devonshire lass now residing in London, the product of two very different family's, one blue blooded landed gentry, the other Irish Romany.
At 11 years old she was given a 1963 Gibson Hummingbird by her Uncle David and started playing, she got hooked on instrumentals and classical guitar standards which stretched her fingers and gave her a great basis for her own music to develop, flamenco, ragtime, country chicken pickin’, rock and on to blues and roots where she is now in her element.
She always had a passion for travelling, its in her blood and trained as a croupier at 18 began her travels around the world working gaming tables on cruise liners to Park Lane even dealing illegal poker games in Amsterdam.
She hitch hiked the coast of Australia on cattle trains and always with a guitar on her back living and storing tales.

The new record has been released in the UK and the US February release is underway, with return tours in the UK, USA, Australia and Europe to follow.
Guests musicians on her new record are Don Wayne Reno (banjo), Dale Reno (mandolin) & Jake Byers (acoustic bass) all from Hayseed Dixie. B J Cole (dobro), Eileen Healy (fiddle) and Brigitte DeMeyer adding backing vocals, along with The Bex Marshall Band of Barry Payne (acoustic bass), Crispin Taylor (drums), Danny Bryan (percussion), Toby Baker (keyboards) and newest edition, gospel singer Shola Adegorove.

Bex is now sponsored by both Ozark Guitars and the legendary guitar maker Chris Eccleshall who has built guitars for Clapton, Gallagher and Bowie to name a few, along with his partner Eddie Cameron.
Bex now plays the 'Electric Lady Guitar' an ‘Ozark 3515E’ Electro Acoustic Biscuit resonator, wood body with a lipstick pickup with cutaway and an ‘Ozark 3515BETC’ Resonator Guitar thin metal body with cutaway.
Bex also plays a 1963 Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar.

Reviews to date…’The House of Mercy’ 2012 released US 5th Feb 2013
‘ ….you can see why Bex Marshall has Paul Jones is in a flap, she could climb the greasy pole based on her vocal and guitar skills; that she wrote these 11 never-boring songs is the mark of a talent to watch…Classic Rock Magazine UK

'... She does down n dirty blues, evokes Janis Joplin, goes acoustic for the tender, and contributes tasty slide and knopfleresque runs. Marshall's powerhouse persona dominates,winningly...Uncut Magazine UK

‘…British blues at its best’ – Rock n Reel (R2) UK

‘….there is a spiritual tone to her voice that lifts songs from the good to the great… inject a bit of her blues sparkle into your veins, sometimes addiction is a good thing. –

‘…Bex hits all the stops with this one’-

‘…Make no mistake, Bex Marshall is the ‘real deal’ - ****Pete Whalley -

‘…top-notch blues woman, Her potent pipes are matched with a knack for varied song content that keeps this set constantly interesting –



Written By: Bex Marshall

Love is a beautiful thing
sent from up above
Its a golden ring
Its a dangerous drug
But it needs a little spark
and if feeds on trust
and if you get that motor going
I wont see you for dust

Lord hear me sing for your love
Lord hear me sing for your love.

You gotta love your job
because you do it every day
gotta love those kids dont let em misbehave
gotta love the house your living it
gotta love your god
forgive me i have sinned
gotta love your heart so cut our the fat
or you wont be able to love at all
and whats the use of that
gotta love the car your driving
gotta love the mountain of debt your in

Lord hear me sing for your love
Lord hear me sing for your love.

Gotta love the moon gotta love the starts
woman are from venus men are from mars
gotta love your brother gotta love your sis
gotta love that family man it is what it is
gotta love your own company
gotta love your scars
gotta love yourself you know you are who you are
gotta love the doggy cause he loves you for sure
tickle his tummy and hell roll on the floor

Love got me into trouble
Love it paid my bail
Love sent me away
Love drags me back again
Love it keeps me waiting
Love it makes me crawl
then i realise i was never in love at all

The House Of Mercy

Written By: Bex Marshall

Let the service begin, with bread and wine drinking,
There is a love divine, come on in the water's fine,
It don't matter if your clean or dirty,
Welcome to the House of Mercy Mercy

Crouch End N8, there aint no thing as too late,
We got guitars hanging off the wall, God forgive us all
Now it don't matter if you don't kneel and pray,
Welcome to the House of Mercy, Mercy

Stripped down drum kit, double bass all over it,
There's a D Harp blowing, let's get the stewpot going,
Well it don't matter, you can sleep all day

Welcome to the House of Mercy, Mercy

Gone Fishin

Written By: Bex Marshall

Old Man went down to the river wiv a hook line, sinker and can,
to catch himself a big fish for his dinner,
he was a simple man,
caught diddly squat for over an hour,
dragging up nothing but sand,
but the sun was setting so sooner or later,
he'd be going home with empty hand,
then a big fish pulled that line, like a steam train pulling land,
it felt like a biggun, the line started running,
boots dug into the sand,
big fish said, 'Hey I ain't ready, to be laid upon your plate,
Old man said, 'Now come on to Daddy, get ready for the pearly gate',
Gone Fishin, Gone Fishin,
Gone Fishin, Gone Fishin,
If he's missing, Fishin were he gone.

Old mans rod flew out of his hand,
and dropped flat into the sea,
as the cat gut span the old man ran.
into water way above his knee.
he grabbed back the rod like a loaded gun
Big fish couldn't get free,
and Old Man cursed up to heaven above
saying 'Stop playing those games with me',
then the cold cold water, pushed the Old Man from behind
this war was not over, Big Fish versus mankind,
He heaved that son of a bitch towards him
with all the strength he could find.
reeling in that big fish mama, who was dancing on the end of his line..
Gone fishin, Gone fishin
Gone FIshin Gone Fishin
If he's missing fishin where he gone.

The Old Man broke down and in his bloddy hands
the rod was about to break,
Big Fish swam towards old man
He said now get down on your knees and pray
with a couple of flips of that tail and fin
he jumps out eye to eye
He kissed the old man square on the lips
he said bye bye baby bye bye
then the hook was gone the big fish swam on
old man starts to weep
I said listen old man
wash your bloody hands you know there's
plenty more fish in the sea
then he tells that tell, up until this day
of the big fish mama who got away
and she really was that big!!!

Rent my Room

Written By: Bex Marshall

Renting a room on the second floor,
in New York City about a house of whores,
it's clean, its cheap, but it ain't pretty,
I got home not late, but late all the same,
I saw a guy on the stairs,
checking his change, Tex Mex, cheap sex
he had a smile on his face
the guys that live her are all pretty cool,
they don't stick to their lover's or the house rules,
there's a couple of girls and a guy who's gay
He tell's his Ma he's more Bowie than straight.
Rent my room on the second floor
In new york City
I rent my room how long, I'm not sure
In New York.
Roy my buddy, he saved my behind,
Let me have the spare room on the sly
He got married to day so he could reside
in this city
Those crazy kids just them and I
when the preacher asked if i knew a reason why
I just smiled, took black and white slides and said
No not really'',
What a game, hanging in this city of sin,
looking for a way to muscle in
to the guy with the check book, but guess what,
its not opening.

Rent my room, on the second floor,
In New York City
Rent my room how long I'm not sure
In New York
Everybody works so god damn hard
for their tips, so they can tip someone else more poor,
there's a layer of money that never gets spent
it just floats around in green money belts
and how much meat can you fit in a sandwich
surly it cant be to any bodies advantage,
heart disease will take its toll,
from the over stuffed roll,
I want Turkey, swiss cheese, more beef if your able,
lettuce, pickle, stuffing, mayo, tomato and... oh
Low fat spread in an everything bagel,
I love New York, yeah I bought the Tee-Shirt
the Levi's, the Nike's but they made my feet hurt,
the baseball cap to the half caff, double choc a chino frapp,
and I'm going back when i can afford it, when my government
benefit is sorted
when the weather is great and my landlady doesn't want to decorate!
Rent my Room on the second floor
in new your city
Rent my Room
how long....I'm not sure... In New York



Bex Marshalls new album, 'The House Of Mercy' debut at number 7 in the roots blues chart...currently (20th Feb 2013) and Bex is number 3 in the UK artists chart (USA)
Guests musicians on her new record are Don Wayne Reno (banjo), Dale Reno (mandolin) & Jake Byers (acoustic bass) all from Hayseed Dixie. B J Cole (dobro), Eileen Healy (fiddle) and Brigitte DeMeyer adding backing vocals, along with The Bex Marshall Band of Barry Payne (acoustic bass), Crispin Taylor (drums), Danny Bryan (percussion), Toby Baker (keyboards) and newest edition, gospel singer Shola Adegorove.
Bex Marshall's last release ‘Kitchen Table’ achieved international acclaim, it received stunning reviews world wide along with her recent stand out sessions recorded for the Paul Jones & Bob Harris's BBC radio 2 shows.
Her extensive touring ‘Kitchen Table’ around the USA, Australia, UK and Europe, pushed Bex to number 13 in the USA ‘UK artists chart’ and number 20 in the USA national Americana Music Association Chart. (AMA Chart).

Set List

depending on the lengh of show a typical 45 min set

House Of Mercy (Gospel Bluegrass)
Love (Blues Rock)
Bourbon Street (Roots Blues Rock)
Barrys Song (Country Ballard)
Bite Me (Backporch Blues)
Gone Fishin (Roots Blues Rock)
Rattlesnake (Slide Blues Rock)
Guilty (funky roots)
Purple Haze roots version
Johhny Be Goode