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Live From The Back Of The Bus E.P. (2003)
Upper Echelon Vol. 1 Mix CD (2004)
Conflict of Interest E.P./Demo (2004)
Event Horizon E.P. (2006)
Bricks 2 Bmore (Pro & Reg)
Live Love Learn (Iron Soul)



Born and raised as Theodore E. Baylor in Baltimore Maryland, Bex formerly IBEX has been working hard to craft his art and perfect his skill. Introduced to Hip Hop at the age of 6 by the likes of Grandmaster Flash And The Furious 5, Rakim, Biz Markie, Kool Mo Dee, Kool G Rap, P.E. and Black Starr, Bex did not tap into his hidden art of emceing and making beats until the age of 17. Before becoming an emcee/producer, Bex was just Theodore, playing sports in High school and trying to find something to keep himself away from the streetlife unlike some of his friends. Growing up in southwest Baltimore just like most kids from the city Theodore lost numerous friends and a few relatives to senseless violence and crime so, he had to find something more than sports to express how he felt about life. With a style that strays away from the "industry standard" some may call him a "conscience emcee" or "backpack emcee" because he's awake and aware of whats going on in the world and not glorifying money, drugs, guns and the degredation of women. "I am not a conscience mc, I'm just me, no stamps or lables" stated by Bex.

Now He has 3 finished underground projects under his belt:
Live From The Back Of The Bus E.P. (2003)
The Upper Echelon Mix Cd Vol. 1 (2004)
Conflict Of Interest E.P./Demo (2004)

and he is also featured on Bricks 2 Bmore which is a 12' by Pro & Reg on Pro & Reg Records. Bex is also part of The Hip Hop group Knomatik which has a juggernaut line up of Emcees and Baltimore's super group Seven. Bex has also opened up for Hip Hop Acts such as Knomatik, Manifest Destiny out of New Jersey, THIRD KIND, featured with Pro&Reg to open for C-ray Walz and Del Tha Funky Homosapien, and Baltimore's own showcase Style Warz wich has been featured in The City Paper (Baltimore, Md). Now he's currently working on his new project "Grow" and a E.P titled "Bexmuzik" which he plans to release before the full length album. "Grow" will have production from himself, Regulas of Knomatik, Sidefx Studios and more. Also the album will have collaborations with other artist such as, THIRD KIND, Regulas, Dj Addikt of Knomatik and more. Bex leaves everyone with this quote,
Live your life not a Lie - Bex