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Beyond Visible

Brick, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Brick, New Jersey, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Metal


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"Maria Mar's Local Radar: Beyond Visible"

Local rock fans, it’s about that time! Thanks to everyone who has been sending me new tunes and giving excellent feedback on the Local Radar acts in the past few months! I am glad to help contribute some material to your playlists, week after week!

We’ve all been there: You wake up in the morning, pour a cup of coffee, and unfortunately, the first thing you do is check social media. However, sometimes that can be a good thing, because like a big wake-up smack in the face, a band that you may have been wondering about releases some new music. Or ads suggest that you “may Like” something. Most of the time they’re wrong, and so are your friends’ newsfeeds, but this time around, it was right. This week, I am going to talk about Beyond Visible, a band that so many people have been putting into my ears as of late. Although I’ve heard of them for quite a while, it took me a few weeks to fully get into them. Now that I am on board, there is no turning back. I am sure many of you are familiar with them already, and if you’re not, get ready.

Beyond Visible are a heavy metal and rock band with members Dean, Tom, Scott, Bryan and Rob. What does their name mean, you ask? I haven’t the slightest idea, but it’s something to take in with an open mind. I recently featured them on my new “Monthly Metal Feature” on Jersey Rock, and got great reviews. Their sound can easily be played on any active rock station, yet can make the crossover to extremely heavy. Let’s just say it’s a perfect balance.

They released their debut full-length this past summer, Creating Change, and it’s filled with great content, appeasing to listeners of many genres. No song sounds alike or similar to another, and there is a great deal of variety. You can purchase this album on most media outlets, and I can tell just by how enthusiastic they get about the release that they poured their hearts and souls into this record. Solid guitars and great lyrics alone make the album worth it. However, there is much more to it than that.

My personal favorite song of theirs is “Astray,” as I feel it really has that crossover blend. It has all of the key components of a smash hit, from the contagious riff and scream throughout to the highs and lows in the chorus and verses. Let’s not forget to mention how much it showcases Dean’s vocals as well. He has all of the dominant frontman qualities and is a powerhouse, which can sometimes be paralleled by few in this genre. I remember the first time I heard “Astray,” and while it really didn’t stick out too much, I kept listening, and it really grew on me. The song builds up so many emotions to the point where it seems like the lyrics are coming straight from the heart. There is always that one song that can really define a band from listenable to unforgettable, and I feel that this is the bread and butter.

Now, I have a confession to make. I am not trying to start a war here, by any means, but I am sure many of you may agree with me on this statement: In my own opinion, it’s kind of hard to get into heavy rock albums these days, because so many are starting to sound alike. However, there is something about Beyond Visible that completely gets my attention. Maybe it’s the fact that they utilize their musical strengths in all of the right places and their song structures are fantastic. Or perhaps it’s the fact that they don’t try to be something they are not. Upon first listen and glance of their socials and website, I could tell that they play hard rock and metal with an attitude. Their music backs that statement, and if you don’t like their music, they’re going to continue to play it anyway, because it’s what they know.

Beyond Visible have some great shows coming up at the end of the month, stopping by the Starland Ballroom and The Legendary Dobbs. I must say they put on one of the best live shows around and have a cult following. It’s always exciting to see local bands have a consistent fanbase, that you will see some of the same people at every show, with more and more friends tagging along. Their energy is strong from start to finish, almost as if performing comes effortlessly to them. Hey, it should with most acts, but that takes practice, and they have nailed the live thing down. I would like to interview the group and ask them how long they all have been playing together, for it seems like a lifetime judging by the tightness and symmetry. Of course, I also have to mention that they completely look the part. Not to imply that there are any sort of gimmicks, but if you saw these guys out on the street, you would think that they might be rock stars, as they look like they belong on the stage with instruments in hand.

So if you get the chance to pick up Beyond Visible’s album, Creating Change, I am sure it will make you get out to a show sooner rather than later. I feel that there is a place in the market for this band, and if they continue the path they are on, they will get there. I will be back next week with some more hot local talent, so keep sending me those suggestions. I want to continue to wake up in the morning and find the next best thing. Hopefully I will see you guys at some shows this weekend, and yes, take that as a hint.

—by Maria Mar, November 6, 2013 - The Aquarian

"North Jersey Notes: Beyond Visible"

Another band that I will have the pleasure of sharing the stage with on July 20 at the Jersey Shore Music Festival at FirstEnergy Park in Lakewood, NJ, is an act from Red Bank called Beyond Visible. I’ve played with these guys before at a memorial for my fallen brother Harry Dullys this past November, and I felt they were fantastic back then. I thought that I wrote about these guys already, but after I did a little search for them, it turns out I’ve neglected them. So, I have to apologize to this amazing and talented Jersey band.

Beyond Visible’s history is quite as incestual as most Jersey acts, which made it easy for me to easily be confused as to whether or not I’ve written about them before. I’ve written about all of their former bands in the past! Let’s see if I can get this straight: Back in 2005, singer Dean Nugent (who was a guitarist back then), guitarist Tom McNamara and Rob Yaros were in a group called Blind Hate Experiment, which was short-lived, and at the time, bassist Bryan Lozano had parted ways with his band, Severance. Bryan, Rob, Tom and the singer of Blind Hate Experiment tried to put a new band together in 2006, but that project fell apart in 2009, and Tom branched off to play guitar for my bros, Ashes Of Your Enemy, until 2011, when he moved on to start yet another project with Rob and Bryan. After trying out some singers, in September 2011 they decided to stick with someone familiar and made Dean, who never sang before, their new vocalist. Beyond Visible played their first show a month later, and in January 2012, filled out their sound with a second guitar player in Scott Smith.

Beyond Visible spent much of 2012 writing new material with their finalized lineup and in March 2013, entered the studio to work on their debut CD, Creating Change, which they hope to release in August or September. I got a little taste with the songs “Army Of Me,” “Burn (Playing With Fire)” and my favorite track, “Conscience Undone.” The songs are so well-written and Dean’s voice tells me he should’ve been singing all along! The production is also top-notch on this disc, which is very refreshing to hear. Check out Beyond Visible and their CD, Creating Change, at - The Aquarian

"Unsigned and Feelin' Fine"

...(This) rock-ready five piece specialize(s) in catchy, crunchy rhythms supporting the baritone of Michael Micelli led by drummer Rob Yaros and fleshed out with Tom McNamara, Sam Lebowitz, Bryan Lozano Laying out the harmonic groundwork for their anthemic choruses and hooky verses. It's a formula for success, certainly, and it's one worth getting in on the ground floor (and venue floor) to check out. - The Aquarian Weekly

"New Music Spotlight June 2009 Edition"

This next group is a combination of Rock meets Metal meets Alternative blended into one terrific melodic sound that will entertain music lovers.

To view entire interview go:
- Isaac Davis Jr., MBA, - June 21, 2009


Still working on that hot first release.



Beyond Visible (adj.) - Those frequencies of light which are outside the range of human perception, i.e. infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray light... There is a world that exists outside of what you can touch and see. Music is an experience that falls into that realm beyond the visible world. It is something you feel, rather than observe or perceive. Just as instruments must be used to allow our eyes to observe infrared and ultraviolet light, so must instruments be used in portraying emotion to our hearts. Language is a limited vehicle for conveying thoughts and feelings. What cannot be expressed when words fall short is articulated precisely through music. These are the ideas that motivated BeyondVisible to come together and create, the ideas that inspired their name, and the ideas that continue to drive them to share their vision with the world. With a sound that ranges from bone crunching heaviness with blistering, searing leads to the delicate fragility of the final fallen Autumn leaves, BeyondVisible's songs span the spectrum of raw human emotion. Their recorded material is sure to impress.  Their stage experience includes performing for thousands at such notable venues as The Starland Ballroom and The Stone Pony opening for national acts, as well as playing to a more intimate local crowd at countless dive bars. Regardless of the setting, this band always delivers a dynamic, entertaining show and elicits an enthusiastic response from the crowd. With more first time listeners being converted to die-hard fans at every show, the word about BeyondVisible is spreading fast.

PHONE NUMBER - 732-682-8370

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