beyond fear

beyond fear

 North Bergen, New Jersey, USA

A remarkable true story of a Tibetan Buddhist Monk and Nun who led freedom protests against Chinese repression. Through the power of a positive mind, they have the courage to overcome their fear and after an int'l movement culminates in their release from jail, they forgive their former torturers.


With an opening by Richard Gere, this film highlights the remarkable true story of Nawang, a 13 year old Buddhist Nun and Bagdro, a 20 year old Buddhist Monk, lead freedom demonstrations against the Chinese repression in Tibet. They are arrested and horribly tortured but refuse to name names of anyone in the freedom movement. Bagdro escapes Tibet by crossing the Himalayan mountains on foot. Nawang continues to protest while in prison and receives several extended sentences. She smuggles out a secret recording of freedom songs that galvanizes Bagdro, Amnesty International and worldwide effort the culminates in her release. Through the power of the positive mind and inspired by the Dalai Lama's teachings, they forgive their former torturers as they find a way beyond fear.

When I heard their stories, I thought it was a tremendous testament to the power of the positive mind and the ability for people to come together to give voice to the voiceless in order to free prisoners of conscience around the world.

The film also features the Dalai Lama as well as leaders of Amnesty International and the International Campaign For Tibet.

I traveled in China where I was followed by the military as I filmed and spoke with people. Shortly after I left, another filmmaker was arrested and is currently in prison. I understand firsthand the danger of documenting the truth in China.

I have traveled to more than 60 countries and have in depth experience with many cultures.

I am the founder of two not for profit organizations. Cross Cultural Solutions sends 3,000 American volunteers each year to 10 countries around the world. Rock To Save Darfur mobilizes through music to educate, advocate and raise funds that have helped save thousands of lives and free hundreds of slaves.


The award winning film has been broadcast on television around the world and to date, has been translated into 12 languages.

The film has been incorporated into university programs ranging from religion and philosophy to politics and human rights.

I have been selected as an official Artist For Amnesty.